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Rakhi name callings toshu, samar, and pakhi that their papa’s preferred film is kabhi haan kabhi na. Vanraj tells kavya that he can’t marry her. Rakhi asks baa if vanraj is weird seeing that youth. Baa warns her to close up or else she can slap her. Kavya asks motive and persevering with to shout warns to tug him to court and destroy him, says he has no longer visible her anger yet and if she can dedicate suicide, she can even kill him. Anu shouts to shut up and says its not their bedroom to combat openly and allow youngsters intrude among their combat. She asks vanraj if he doesn’t want to marry kavya, he have to look into her eyes and tell that and no longer problem circle of relatives and her; she doesn’t need to come back among the, however they drag her in usually; she divorced already and that they ought to depart her by myself now; vanraj can decide whether to marry kavya or not, she didn’t like kavya due to her heinous acts, but he left her and broke her residence to be with kavya and now he doesn’t need to marry her; kavya had an affair with vanraj for 9 years to forcefully marry him; they each lead dual existence for 9 years, kavya acted as friend and vanraj acted as husband; vanraj fell in her eyes after 25 years, but should have fell into his personal eyes lots earlier than, kavya must be ashamed to act as her buddy, vanraj should be ashamed to see her wearing his named sindhoor and mangalsutra; her family is suffering for the reason that three hundred and sixty five days, trhey did all the drama to leave every other after nine years; she doesn’t recognise what they liked in each other, but is aware of they cherished every other once; his superego and kavya’s bitterness will now not let themselves and others be glad; she cannot help kavya after her heinousd act, however she is involved for vanraj’s happiness as her circle of relatives cannot be happy with out him; even kavya ought to stop forcing vanraj whilst he doesn’t want to marry her. Kavya asks why is she worried for her. Anu says she is worried for her own family and not kavya and if kavya forcefully marries vanraj and he runs away again, what’s going to she do, she should discover ways to win and no longer seize; kavya snatched a husband, a father, a son; if vanraj can dare to like kavya, he must dare to maintain her hand and marry her; she is aware of the ache of dwelling alone for the reason that 1 12 months; she left her husband, family, and residence and is blamed as a divorcee, and many others. She continues her speech and says she desires to move on, so vanraj must take one final choice and cease this issue proper right here

advaith says he doesn’t want to intrude, but when you consider that this difficulty is taking place in public vicinity, he just desires to inform them to take a choice by way of heart and determine whether they need to marry or now not. Kavya says vanraj have to both marry her or go to jail. Vanraj asks if she thinks she will be able to get him with the aid of threatening him, she will do anything she desires to or even cling him, however he does whatgever he wants to at any price. She says but.. He says he isn’t finished but; if she thinks she got afraid and ran away, he become suffocating and went out for a fresh air, however kavya threatened his own family and if she does it once more, he’ll now not spare her. Kavya starts crying.

Rakhi says she is sorry for her that she didn’t come to be her samdhan and asks panditji to leave and no longer worry about his fees. Vanraj shouts at panditji to sit returned as he will marry kavya no longer for fear but for romance. He holds kavya’s hand and walks into mandap. Anu walks far from there. Vanraj marries kavya. Rakhi wishes them satisfied married existence. Kavya says she has organized a pooja in resort’s temple and walks away keeping his hand thankfully. Anu returns to her cottage thinking wedding should have completed with the aid of now. She sees sugar candy and figuring out bapuji has back happily rushes to him. Vanraj also rushes to him ignoring kavya and they both contact bapuji’s toes. Rakhi name callings kavya that bapuji got here from jamnagar to bless bride and groom, however baa didn’t come from next cottage. Bapuji indicates him now not to transport ahead with out his life companion. Vanraj returns to kavya.

Rakhi comments that old bahu’s graha pravesh came about alternatively of latest bahu. Bapuji asks anu how is she. She says she is angry on him as he didn’t come early. He says he could have if he ought to. She asks if he is high-quality. He says he’s first-class and now her father will stay with her. Rakhi feedback if he will bless only antique bahu and now not new one and asks baa if she will be able to no longer bless new bahu with happiness and lots of youngsters, then asks vanraj if he wants to have kids and get a sibling for 25-yr-antique toshu. Vanraj shouts at her to close up. Rakhi asks baa why didn’t she welcome and perform new bahu’s aarti. Baa says she could have if she she considers kavya as bahu, kavya threatened and insulted her sometime ago, so she will carry out a postman and vegetable vendor’s aarti but no longer kavya’s

Precap: kavya suggests her mangalsutra to anu to make her jealous. Anu reverts back pronouncing she removed it and gave it to kavya. Baa says she can no longer bear in mind all of us else as bahu than anu. Bapuji says equal and walks away announcing he cannot stay with vanraj anymore. Baa accompanies him.


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