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Vanraj apologizes baa and youngsters for the monetary disaster at domestic, due to which they must shave charges, and guarantees that he’ll set the entirety right quickly. Kavya asks toshu to email her how a good deal she and v need to make a contribution and supply printout to everyone to preserve the whole thing clean. Baa cries ought to they beg for charity if she and bapuji fall sick, earlier she used to manage house prices wherein 1 member used to earn and 7 used to devour. Baa tells children its properly that they don’t want to place a monetary burden on their mother and father and are earning themselves; its suitable to recognize obligation and observe it, but they have to surrender underneath the strain; there is lots of distinction among getting cash and walking in the back of it; their papa is right that they have to store money, however no longer by using sacrificing their wishes; they have to store in addition to revel in their hard earned cash, and many others. All youngsters hug her. After sometime, anu sees bapuji sitting lamentably on a rocking chair, mimics to hypnotize him, and asks to sleep.

Bapuji says he considers anu as her daughter because 1st day of her marriage and wants to do not forget kavya additionally as his daughter, but something is missing that she is unable to make us her dear ones and vice versa. Anu says even kavya doesn’t recognize if she will change or no longer, but bapuji shouldn’t alternate bause of her; she manner like love modifications a person, even hatred modifications someone; some thing kavya does, he shouldn’t cast off his son and kavya from his heart; if kids communicate incorrect, they ignore it, but if he speaks wrong, it influences them plenty; kavya thinks them as enemy and he or she fears they shouldn’t deliver her a purpose to think so; he should retain loving kavya as a vulnerable infant desires extra attention. He says he’ll strive. She says elder’s are very tall and need to bend to speak to youngsters. He nods sure. She acts as hypnotizing him again and asks to move and sleep now. He laughs. Kavya tells vanraj she wishes to speak. Vanraj says not now as he could be very tensed.

She says even then she wants to and asks why absolutely everyone in this house are hell bent to grow to be amazing/mahaan, why he desires to deal with all his expenses alone through his cafe profits when there are many others working on this house. He says its his responsibility. She says their financial savings is almost ending, they need to now not handiest earn however shop for their and their child’s future. He in shock asks toddler? She says in the future they may have kids for certain and they want to take care of their schooling and excellent upbringing; he loved having kids but she hasn’t but, so she need children at any cost.

He walks away saying he has a concall. He passes with the aid of corridor and sees anu. Anu says she discussed approximately him contributing in domestic charges from subsequent month now not to degrade him. He says he is aware of as he is understanding her considering the fact that he separated form her, may be his near sight is vulnerable and is seeing well from a long way. She says he become speakme approximately bearing expenses alone; in advance they had most effective 1 circle of relatives, but now 3 families, toshu’s, his, and rest of them; so he want no longer convey a lot burden as he already has accomplished lots. He says he desires to soak up more responsibilities and seeing thermos in her hand asks if its tea. She says sure and they are making plans for the next day. He says samar’s birthday. She asks if he remembers it. He says while someone recalls his mistakes, he recollects the entirety; its anu’s janmastami tomorrow. She says even the following day.

He says its samar’s 23rd birthday day after today, why children grow up so quickly. They speak samar’s childhood days. He says youth is sort of a magic, children forget about it, but dad and mom do not forget it. They snigger remembering samar’s delivery testimonies. She leaves asking him not to want samar satisfied birthday at 12 as they have deliberate a wonder. He nods ok. Anu returns to own family. They are saying they sent samar on terrace to plot his birthday well and ask her to not desire him at 12 and wait till morning. Samar spreads his mattress on terrace fuming that no person recalls his birthday or even nandini should have forgotten it. Family plan approximately cake, decoration, dance, etc. Vanraj walks in and says he desires to have a good time samar’s birthday. Baapuji says all of them recognise there is a wall of hatred between him and samar, it takes years to build the wall and just a day to break it. Baa hopes that wall breaks quickly. Vanraj suggests to gift him guitar and each person like his idea. Samar is going to bed alas wondering even mummy doesn’t don’t forget his birthday.

As soon as he is asleep, anu needs him glad birthday and blesses him. As soon as he leaves, vanraj walks to him, pampers him, and needs him glad birthday. Anu receives emotional noticing it. Subsequent morning, samar excitedly wakes up wishing himself glad birthday and walks to anu and every family member, but nobody wishes him glad birthday. He thinks they need to be planning a surprise present and searches it in each room, however doesn’t find any. He then walks to kitchen where baa, kinjal, and anu are operating and asks what’s the date nowadays. They are saying they don’t do not forget even the day nowadays because of their busy schedule. Anu asks him to bring bread for breakfast. He leaves sadly.

Precap: shahs dance on chote tera birthday aaya.. Tune and have a good time samar’s birthday. Vanraj items him guitar. Anu says she brought him a present but will no longer provide it as baa has his gift. She calls nandini and requests baa to approve their dating.


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