Anupama proposes Vanraj to follow in any event any relationship totally, she doesn’t have the foggiest idea how long are left in her life, yet needs to finish this story before her life closes. Dr. Advaith discloses to Kavya that outrage resembles a copying coal kept close by to toss on somebody and the long she keep it, her hand will copy more, so she ought to get it off her soon. He gives her a bat and requests to vent out her displeasure on a hanging ball. She hits ball. He inquires as to whether she had just this much displeasure. She thinks back Anu hitting her and investing energy with Vanraj and hits ball hard over and again. He says now he can say that she kept regard of this bat as this bat is his companion Mr. Kohli’s. She inquires as to whether he knows Virat. He says there are numerous Kohlis on the planet and this bat has a place with his companion Satish Kohli. She snickers and keeps visiting with him.

Vanraj sees that and strolls to her. She hits ball once more. He holds it. She says sorry, she didn’t realize he would come. Advaith says he is feeling acceptable seeing Anu cheerful and says he didn’t know Virat and Kavya.. Kavya says not together being close, she doesn’t have the foggiest idea what is her status, in the event that she is spouse or sweetheart. Vanraj requests to stop. She says its fact. He says truth ought to be told at the correct spot and time. She says when its regarding his family, he doesn’t make a fuss over time or spot, yet when its about her, it makes a difference to him. Advaith requests that they go to their house and battle. They apologize. He says he doesn’t meddle in anybody private matters, yet since they are battling transparently, they ought to tune in to popular assessment; Kavya needs to quiet down her outrage or, more than likely she will become sick, Vanraj needs to pick one among two.

Vanraj hears Samar calling Anu in a stressed tone and rushes to the scene and sees Anu lying on floor, inquires as to whether she is fine. She sits and says yes. Advaith additionally hurries to them and inquires as to whether she is fine. Samar says mummy was attempting to cull mango from tree and tumbled down. Advaith leaves. Baa says she wanted to have aamras and Anu climbed mango tree. Mamaji jokes that their bahu is multitalented, she is Annapoorna, Laxmi, and female Vanar sainik. He inquires as to whether she knows to climb tree. She says no. Vanraj chastens Anu for climbing tree and says she ought to have asked him all things being equal. She says she disclosed to him ordinarily to cull some mangoes from the tree close to their home, yet he never did that. Mamaji jokes once more. Anu says regardless of whether she gets away from disease, she needs to tackle her tasks herself after separate; he need not concern as she is fine, picks mangoes, and goes to plan aamras. Baa requests that Kavya go as she will send her aamras to her house. Kavya says no way, she gets pimples with mangoes. Mamaji jokes once more. Adolescents say exceptionally awful joke. Kavya leaves seething. Nandini leaves saying she will proceed to help mummy, and Samar follows her. Baa asks Vanraj for what good reason is he smoldering, bahu is fine. He says Anu is sick. She says she realizes she is old, yet slaps on the off chance that somebody calls her old; comparatively being sick and tolerating disease are unique; when he hasn’t seen Anu weeping for sickness, why is he annoyed; he should regard Anu’s choices and enthusiastic nature and let her handle herself.

Nandini sees Anu cooling mangoes in water and inquires as to whether cooler isn’t working. Anu says cooling mangoes in water has its exceptional taste and gives illustration of earthen pot water which extinguishes thirst better compared to ice chest water. She at that point says she will go to close dairy cultivate and bring milk as Sweety and her dad like mango milkshake. When she leaves, Nandini sees Samar remaining close to her grinning, asks reason. He says he cherishes her a great deal at whatever point she helps mummy and is with him and mummy in the present circumstance, inquires as to whether mummy will be fine. She says obviously. He expresses profound gratitude. She inquires as to why thanks as aunt is likewise her.. He insults her to tell mummy obviously and says soon she can call mummy after their marriage. She inquires as to why he is anxious to wed. He says since he is of marriage age. She requests that he go. He kisses her cheek. Their nok jhok and sentiment proceeds. She stows away and he look through her. Anu gets back to her kitchen and says house is little or large, lasting or impermanent, its their home; says thanks to Kanhaji for her new house.

Samar proceeding to look through Nandiu confounds Advaith because of his long hair and white shirt and pulls him towards her, at that point gets apprehensive seeing him and says he was looking mamaji. Nandini strolls to him. He says even he used to play such games, yet his mammaji was not pretty like her. He asks what is their status. The two of them on the double say they love one another. He addresses them in his extraordinary manner. They say yes to each address. He says decent. Samar inquires as to for what reason did he pose inquiries. He says it on the grounds that there would be an interesting shimmer in eyes in the event that they love somebody. Nandini says she can see a radiance even in his eyes. Samar inquires as to whether he likewise cherished somebody. He says he was likewise enamored some time prior and says at whatever point they need his assistance, he is consistently there for them, recommends them to never end it all for affection. He leaves saying call him Adi and playing his bansuri. Samar says even Adi has a romantic tale and says he is fortunate that Nandu is with him.

Vanraj sees Anu cutting mangoes and solicitations on the off chance that he can have one piece. She says OK. He says this spot is excellent. He says her home was like her youth house with birds tweeting in garden, and so forth, and feels her adolescence has returned. He takes one more piece. He says more than her, his youth has returned. He snickers. Kavya gets envious seeing that. Anu picks smiley mango. Vanraj says Samr drew smiley for her. She says she needs to perform Samar and Nandini’s commitment soon as she doesn’t need them to make a limit stride in edginess, its great that youngsters regard them and its better they play out their commitment before any unanticipated occasion. He says not a poorly conceived notion. She hears just ill-conceived notion and chastens him constantly without allowing him to talk. He quiets down and says he implies smart thought. She cheerfully inquires as to whether he concurred. He says let us finish their commitment in this hotel. She enthusiastically offers him more mangoes.

Precap: Vanraj gets legal advisor’s call with respect to separate from date and says he needs to drop separate. Kavya alarms hearing that. Anu educates Vanraj that Baa has kept pooja tomorrow to discover Samar and Nandini’s commitment date, they will visit court day after tomorrow.


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