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Vanraj insults Anu to click photographs of holding coconut and meandering on sea shore. Anu says thank you and leaves with Anuj. Kavya blows up and inquires as to whether he came here as he probably was aware Anu is here, his demonstrations won’t influence Anu, however they will be out of market and Anuj won’t allow them to go anyplace. Vanraj says he couldn’t care less. She says he used to overlook Anu for herself and presently disregarding her for Anu, he is envious constantly and making her endure. Anuja sees Anu irate and inquires as to whether she is fine. She says sorry for hearing in view of her, for what reason can’t Vannraj let her alone and not trouble her. He asks again in case she is fine. She says she is eager. He takes her to an eatery where Anu educates Bapuji over telephone about Kavya and Vanraj’s Mumbai visit. Kavya brings Vanraj there and goes to washroom. Anuj begins hacking while at the same time having food. Anu taps his back. Vanraj gets desirous seeing that. Anuj’s companion removes him to meet a customer. Vanraj strolls to Anu and insults she lost her disgrace out of Ahmedabad, her school sparkle has become full fledge fire and she is demolishing his family name. Anu requests that he proceed. He says she made a major issue when his and Kavya’s undertaking was out, presently she is shamingly romancing her school sweetheart. She inquires as to for what reason is he troubled, its not his issue to worry about.

Nandini alarms seeing Rohan’s veil wearing men around her home and runs into Shah house and closes entryway. Baa asks what occurred. Nandini anxiously lies that somebody attempted to grab her portable. Baa reprimands why she meanders outside alone, consider the possibility that something happens to her. Kinjal sees her dread. Anu asks Vanraj what is her place in his life that he is irritated, he isn’t anything to her and he doesn’t have any right on her. He says he left his right and she left her goodness. She inquires as to for what reason is he troubling a more bizarre lady in case he is worried about goodness; she endured his subsequent spouse and he is as yet disturbing her; she needs to clear that she doesn’t really mind what was in Anuj’s heart for her, she has nothing for Anuj in her heart and for what reason is he pestered regardless of whether it is; they become companions after separate, when she can be his companion, for what reason can’t be somebody’s companion; how can it matter regardless of whether her and Anuj are more than companions. Vanraj yells he feels envious and irate on himself and her; she wasn’t care for he needed, however was ideal for him; they were not viable yet were holding great, they never battled in 25 years; he adores Kavya, yet they battle each day; he was unable to associate with Kavya like he associated with Anu, he can’t disengage with Anu totally and interface with Kavya yet; he hasn’t continued on, yet Anu has the manner in which it didn’t trouble her seeing him and Kavya; she handily continued on with Anuj, yet he was unable to security well with Kavya even after their 9-year-old issue. She says he told he and Kavya drew nearer as a result of him and presently is saying they are not holding a result of her; they didn’t have battle as she used to keep calm consistently, she dealt with the two connections alone as she didn’t expect a single thing from him and he was irritated distinctly about himself and not her; presently he has Kavya in his life and isn’t a mat like her, he should drop off his super personality and comprehend that he is answerable for whatever occurred in his life; he ought to recollect that he was just his when she was his better half, presently she, when all is said and done, and that’s it.


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