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Kavya notices Vanraj looking some thing and asks him what’s he looking. He maintains looking ignoring her. She gets rid of earphones from his ear. He receives irritated. She says she turned into simply expecting. He says she shouldn’t count on whatever after what she did. In lawn, Anu attempts to depart after assembly Baa. Pakhi, Samar, and Kinjal insist her to live returned. Kinjal seeing Toshu’s frowning face asks him if he’s having moun/speechless vrat/fast.

Toshu superficially
asks Anu to live returned. Anu consents and says she desires to speak to Anuj concerning workplace work. Baa lets in her. Anu calls Anuj who listening to Samar and Pakhi’s laughs asks if she is with Baa, humans say proper that a MIL will become extra more expensive than husband to DIL after sometime. She says designs have come, he ought to test on his email, she can be able to make notes after going home. He asks her to loosen up and experience with family. She says she can be able to post notes with the aid of using morning.

He says he’s glad listening to laughs and concept they’ll now no longer reunite after fight, she ought to keep away from area in which Kavya and Vanraj remains and go to locations in which Bapuji, Mamaji, and kids live otherwise they’ll neglect about laughing, she is amazing. He asks her to allow him recognise if she wishes doctor’s appointment for Baa. She says its okay. He says she is amazing, there are true humans and additionally poisonous humans like Kavya and Vanraj. She says she didn’t understand. He says he simply desires her to live farfar from Kavya and Vanraj. She greets Jai Shri Krishna and disconnects call.

Vanraj joins family. Anu informs them approximately Baa and Bapuji’s fiftieth wedding ceremony anniversary after 2 days. Vanraj says he remembers. She says she desires them to have fun their wedding ceremony again. Vanraj says much like they were given rewedded on their twenty fifth wedding ceremony anniversary and laughs together along with her. Toshu feedback a few couple live collectively for fifty years and a few become bored after 1 year. Pakhi says she is happy to look Baa in bridal lehanga. Kinjal asks Samar to test new sherwani collection. Anu asks if they’ll carry out anniversary at her residence or dance academy as Kavya wouldn’t allow them to have fun right here. Vanraj says they’ll have fun right here itself. Anu reminds Samar pottying on Baa’s wedding ceremony sari in formative years and laughs with Vanraj. Kavya notices that and receives jealous. Anu says she simply desires Baa and Bapuji to be glad and returned to normal.

Baa and Bapuji return. Anu proclaims that they’ll have fun their fiftieth wedding ceremony anniversary. Bapuji says there’s no want for that. Samar and Pakhi excitedly say its their golden jubilee anniversary and that they ought to have fun it. Bapuji jokes its tough to live with Baa for fifty years. Baa asks if he’s nevertheless irritated on her. He says he’s joking. They all hold their pleasure and persuade Bapuji. Kavya receives jealous noticing that. Kinjal walks to her room and confronts Toshu for passing incorrect feedback. He blames her for dropping his process and pent residence and complains that she doesn’t have time for him, etc. Kinjal walks away fuming. Kavya hears their communication hiding and brainwashes him that something taking place to him is surely incorrect, there’s not anything incorrect if he is taking his MIL’s residence, Kinjal is a idiot to depart luxuries and live on this residence, a spouse respects husband best if he earns and he’s a laundryman’s canine who can’t be both of residence or ghtat.
He warns her to offer a few true example. Kavya says she sacrificed her self-admire for her love and in the end were given Vanraj, and whilst Vanraj and Anu can neglect about their beyond and flow on, why can’t he flow on.

Bapuji with Baa watches their wedding ceremony album and talk the events. They sense glad that their kids are celebrating their fiftieth wedding ceremony anniversary and talk approximately their worry at some point of marriage once they have been young, duties at some point of twenty fifth wedding ceremony anniversary, and now best happiness at some point of fiftieth wedding ceremony anniversary. Bapuji reminds how she turned into blushing whilst he praised her splendor for the primary time. Anu enters and scoffs Baa, making her blush again. She takes their wedding ceremony sari and kurta to accurate them. She passes with the aid of using Vanraj and Kavya’s room and forestalls listening to their argument. Kavya asks Vanraj how can she arrange the sort of massive characteristic in her residence with out her permission. He asks if she can be able to now no longer allow him. She says she didn’t say that. He says she spoke lots with out speakme whatever, she already insulted his mother and father lots, ought to he depart her residence together along with his family.

Precap: Anu grinding mehandi for anniversary birthday party asks Kavya to act typically if possible. Kavya says she is giving her know-how in her very own residence. Anu warns her to prevent pronouncing that as names written on paper may be changed, so she ought to write her call on humans’s heart.
Kavya says she is attempting to emerge as poetic together along with her boyfriend’s company..


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