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Rakhi expresses taking a gander at this commitment, she feels. Kavya finishes her sentence saying trust even they would have somebody like that. Malvika lets Anupama know that she looks totally lovely. Devika says Anu is looking so blissful, she feels cheerful seeing that. Pakhi says they seem to be a superstar couple strolling on honorary pathway. Samar says their MaAn isn’t under a superstar. GK says his Anuj isn’t under a genuine superstar. Jignesh jokes Leela is a genuine miscreant. Kinjal and Kanta start the commitment custom and perform Anupama and Anuj’s aarti trailed by Jignesh, GK, Malvika, Devika and others. Anupama strolls to Leela and looks for her approval, however Leela won’t favor Anupama. She tragically gets once again to Anuj. Pakhi clicks selfies with Anupama and Anuj followed by others

Rakhi inquires as to whether she won’t perform Anupama and Anuj’s aarti. Leela hollers. Rakh says she will without a doubt. She performs Anupama and Anuj’s aarti and says she has composed a sonnet for the jodi on such a decent sonnet’s commitment service. Rakhi embarrasses Anupama and Anuj through his sonnet, leaving everybody irate. She then tosses cash over them. Everybody stand staggered seeing that. She asks them not to view at her like that as she just performed Anupama and Anuj’s nazar. Anupama gathers the cash. Kinjal, Devika, Malvika, Samar, Sanjay, Dolly, and others assist Anupama with gathering the cash. Anupama faces Rakhi for slighting cash for the sake of performing nazar and requests that Samar feed the poor with this cash. Jignesh jokes on Rakhi.

Leela and Vanraj insult Rakhi for attempting to affront Anupama and getting offended by Anupama all things considered. The two of them insult that Anupama is appreciating everything a seonc time. Rakhi remarks Anuj began purchasing recycled stuff in the wake of becoming poor. Anuj blows up. Anupama thinks Anuj came here joyfully, she won’t allow him to be despondent today. She moves on Ankhiyon Se Goli Maare… tune. Anuj joins her, reviewing their most memorable gathering and dance. Anuj signals her group to go along with them. They all hit the dance floor with her and appreciate including Kavya, leaving Vanraj and Leela consume in desire. Rakhi insults Vanraj and Leela that another colleague went to the contrary group.

After the dance execution, Anu reminds Anuj about their dance on a similar tune during their most memorable gathering. She gives a befitting answer to Rakhi, Vanraj, and Leela with her long discourse and feels pleased to pick Anuj. She reviews every one of her minutes with Anuj beginning from their fellowship to experiencing passionate feelings for him. She in the middle between the bad dreams she proceeded with Vanraj. She then apologizes Anuj for everything, says love is on the two sides now, and says I love you Anuj. Her group applauds her. Bothered Leela requests that they stop their festival and end it by trading the ring. Malvika and Meenu insult her that she is a major jalkukdi/envious woman who can’t see others blissful.

Malvika with everybody takes Anuj and Anupama to the terrace and demands them to play a puzzlle game prior to trading rings. She, Samar, Kinjal, Devika, Dolly, and Toshu make sense of the game guidelines and requests that they track down the names of the relatives from the riddle out there. Anupama lets Anuj know that when they are together, they can do anything. The two of them begin tracking down names. Vanraj takes a gander at the wedding bands and smiles. Anuj Searches Anupama’s name in the riddle. Vanraj focuses it, shocking everybody.

Precap: Anupama and Anuj observe their wedding bands missing. Everybody suspect Vanraj seeing him sneering. Vanraj says he can be a legend or bad guy, yet can’t be so unsurprising.


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