Anupama 29th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupama awakens and discovers AK’s jacket over her. AK says she was feeling cold and flight’s covers are generally harsh, so he hung his coat over her. She says thanks to him and says she shouldn’t have rested and squandered 10 minutes of looking external window. He says she can say she dozed between mists. She shows her drawing and asks how is it. He says great. Air master declares landing. AK feels apprehensive again and requests that Anu look through window as he would not like to feel humiliated. At Shah house, Baa asks maide ki katori Kavya to clean methi leaves.

Kavya says she applied nail clean quite recently. Baa vapor that she needs to bring methi and clean it herself, individuals will partake in their excursion. Anu feels captivated when plane terrains. They arrive at a lodging. Anu addresses Pakhi and gives her a few guidelines. AK says he realize she needed to see sea, however he can’t defer this gathering. She says even she would not like to, she has dreams, yet helping ladies is likewise her fantasy; delightful dreams make hang tight for long. He says yes. His group strolls in and welcomes them. AK presents Anu as his Ahmedabad colleague with one of a kind business thought and requests that Anu clarify it. Anu certainly clarifies her thought. AK says it was great. Anu messages Bapuji that her thought was loved by everybody.

Mamaji looking methi crunches it. Baa says no one but he can chomp methi. He jokes. Landline rings. Baa picks it and addresses her companion. Mamaji sees envelope in pack, opens it, and looks stunned seeing Rohan and Nandini’s comfortable pictures. He thinks what their identity is. Kavya acts stunned subsequent to getting a call and advises Vanraj they need to leave for Mumbai. Anu hangs tight for AK subsequent to meeting. AK brings auto and takes her to sea shore. Anu checks out waves quietly for at some point and afterward yells samandar. She then, at that point, calls Bapuji and express her fervor seeing sea. She requests that AK join her. He says she ought to go as its her time, takes her pack and requests that she appreciate. Anu runs on waves. AK drones a shayari portraying Anu’s delight. He gets a call and goes aside.

Vanraj with Kavya arrives at Mumbai and control center her that all will be well. A couple of hooligans at blade point undermine Anu to head out in different directions from her gold. AK seeing that runs towards them. Anu tosses mud in their eyes and beats them. They flee. AK stands giggling and says he thought Anu needs assistance, however hooligans required assistance; Anu doens’t need anybody’s assistance and she is both legend and courageous woman in her story. He applauds and show respect to her, making her inclination glad. Hame Tumse Hua Hai Pyar.. melody plays behind the scenes.

He envisions strolling on sea shore and sharing treats floss with her. He then, at that point, says he is feeling hungry, so let us proceed to have something. She asks her pack. He understands dropping it down and hurries to get it. The two of them then, at that point, find Vanraj and Kavya and stand stunned. Vanraj insults that he thought they came here for work, yet the are strolling on sea shore here. Anu says disregard us, what are they doing here. Kavya says her ex-supervisor needed to meet them to talk about business openings prior to passing on to Australia. Vanraj says they completed work and came here and thought that they are here, what an incident’ thinks he heard through Baa that she is at sea shore and came here.

Precap: Vanraj gets envious seeing Anu contacting AK and attempts to embarrass her. She asks who is he to inquiry her. AK then, at that point, battles with AK for connecting her wrongly with Anu.


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