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Anupama through landline informs Bapuji that she and Anuj are best and are in a few university students’ visitor residence. Anuj asks her to tell Bapuji that this residence is close to highway. Call disconnects and call receives dead. Anu says Bapuji could tell GK that they’re best. Bapuji informs GK same. Vanraj asks Baa to rest, however she with a frowning face denies and makes a decision to attend until Anu returns. Anu and Anuj experience they shouldn’t disturb kids’ celebration. Their argument begins offevolved. Youngsters say they combat so cutely and ask them to enroll in their celebration. They hesitate. Youngsters display their university reunion dance video and sends them to their parent’s room to alternate their clothes. Anuj returns, and that they say he seems like a dude and its incorrect to name him as uncle. Anuj says Anuj is best. Anu walks down in shalwar kameez. Anuj recalls the day he noticed her first and its it become twenty third July 1995, 10:three:15 a.m. He recites shayari and enjoys Anu dancing with kids. Pehla Nasha Pehla Khumar.. tune performs withinside the background. He in addition imagines sipping cool beverages from her bottle, etc.

Youngsters assist their buddy Rahul advise her lady friend Isha. Rahul kneels down and says they have been pals and he doesn’t understand while he fell in her love, will she be his lady friend. Isha scolds him and asks who takes a lot time to advise, she accepts his inspiration and hugs him. He well-knownshows that he noticed her first time a 12 months in the past and fell in her love. A buddy says he become ready to advise her in view that that day and therefore they deliberate this celebration. Anuj recalls his days and thinks if he had proven this braveness 26 years in the past, his destiny could were some thing else. He begins offevolved sneezing. He and Anu then dance on Pehli Baar Mohabbat Ki Hai.. tune. He feels extreme headache and stumbles. Everyone receives involved and asks if he’s best. He says yes. She scolds him and asks kids to take him to room even as she brings kadha/natural decoction for him.

Vanraj maintains looking forward to Anu and notices its already three a.m. Anuj receives a excessive fever. Anu asks kids to name a physician. They say no person will on this storm. Anu says she can be able to feed him kadha and observe bloodless compresses. Anuj asks kids now no longer to damage thier celebration due to him and sends them away. Anu forcefully feeds him kadha and says she is right here with him. Anuj’s fever raises. Anu asks him to attempt to sleep. Anuj says he needs to inform her some thing and says I.. Boy enters and says they’re attempting to name physician constantly in vain. She asks to preserve attempting and turns to look Anuj asleep. Vanraj maintains attempting Anu’s range after which calls visitor residence’ landline and asks if he can communicate to Anu as he’s from his family. Boy says uncle fell ill. Vanraj not able to pay attention him asks to repeat. Boy says uncle and aunty are resting in a room. Vanraj burns in anger listening to that.

Next morning, Anuj wakes up and sees Anu sound asleep on a sofa nearby. Meri Dunya Hai Tujhme Kahin.. tune performs withinside the background. Anu wakes up listening to sound and asks if he’s best. He says yes, he doesn’t understand how he fell ill. She says he sopping wet in rain. He thank you her for looking after her. She asks if he wouldn’t if she falls ill. He says he’s going to in no way permit some thing appear to her. She recalls him attempting to mention some thing final night. He asks if he blabbered some thing subconsciously. She says commonly human beings communicate reality subconsciously. He says he’s going to ee-e book a cab and permit company’s servicemen tow his vehicle away. She agrees. At Shah residence, Vanraj maintains frowning remembering boy’s phrases that uncle aunty are in a room. Kavya name callings him that his ex-spouse is returning after a large task, he need to welcome her. He drags chair and sits close to foremost door. Samar recalls comparable incident earlier.

Precap: Vanraj humiliates Anu. Anu says sufficient of respect, agni pariksha is given for Ram and now no longer Ravan/Vanraj. Baa shouts. Anu makes a decision to depart Shah residence.


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