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In flight, Anu demands Anuj Kapadia/AK to click her pic as she needs to send it to Bapuji. He clicks her pics and shows her. She says she is looking delightful and says thanks to him. He discusses shayari. She says this photograph is superior to the one she clicked in a photograph studio before her wedding. He thinks magnificence lies according to the viewer. She says she will call Bapuji before flight takes off. He says she can utilize his portable as her telephone is in her sack. At Shah house, Vanraj asks charger from Kavya. Kavya says he looks strained. He asks who she suspects as much. She says the two of them met up when they had gone to a Mumbai meeting and were feeling forlorn, so he is concerned that their set of experiences will rehash with Anu and Anuj. He says there is nothing similar to that. Anu calls Bapuji and energetically portrays her business class seat’s elements.

Host discloses routine measures to be taken. Anu energetically thinks she is prepared to fly and expresses gratitude toward Kanhaji and Anuj. Anuj inquires as to whether she isn’t apprehensive. She says she is extremely glad. Kavya keeps inciting Vanraj that equivalent dread is tormenting him, inquires as to why so when Anu isn’t his better half any longer, for what reason is he feeling uncertain. Vanraj concurs that he is feeling uncertain with Anu and Anuj’s kinship, he is abhorring an individual whom he doesn’t have the foggiest idea and arm grappling with him like a child, this isn’t him and he loathes this type of him.

Anu and Anuj’s flight takes off. She appreciates looking from window. Vanraj discloses to Kavya that he has 1000 issues with Anu, yet it’s not possible for anyone to address at her person; she implies it when she says there is taking note of among her and Anuj, his heart acknowledges it, yet his heart doesn’t. She inquires as to for what reason does he give it a second thought. He says he doesn’t have a clue, he didn’t adore Anu when he was hitched to her, however there is a connection which he can’t break it regardless of whether he is attempting to; this is reality and don’t have the foggiest idea how he will transform it. Kavya figures she will endure his connection yet not more than that.
Anuj looks anxious during take off. Anu says she felt a shivering in her stomach, he fears sitting in a flight and henceforth didn’t come to India. He yes. She requests that he serenade Hanuman chalisa. He does and grins unwinding. She says he need not bashful as everybody has some dread. He says men can’t fear. She says even men can fear, yet society makes an issue, and so on

Rohan sends Samar his and Nandini’s comfortable pictures. Nandini gets strained seeing him furious. Samar says these are typical sweetheart pics, yet Rohan didn’t regard her protection; these doesn’t make any difference to him. Rohan voice messages Nandini that Samar should be supporting her that these are ordinary pictures, yet Samar’s sanskari family won’t endure it. Nandini gets strained. Rohan standing close by figures he doesn’t acknowledge rout. Nandini alarms dreading Baa’s response seeing her and Rohan’s comfortable pictures. Rohan keeps pics in Baa’s pack when she goes for vegetable shopping.

After take off, Anuj requests that Anu partake in her first excursion without making a fuss over it. She says she never heard such words from a man previously. He sits in next seat and wears eye cover. Anu appreciates music, draws sketch, and so on Anuj quietly opens eyes and partakes in her fervor. Badal Pe Naav Hai… melody plays behind the scenes. Air lady offers food to Anu and Anuj. Anuj doesn’t care for battle food. Anu offers him thepla. Anu nods off after soemtime. Anuj wraps his coat over her and brings down AC.

Precap: Anu appreciates playing at sea shore. Vanraj and Kavya meet her there.


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