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Anuj tells Anupama that he had many women in his lifestyles, a few as friend, a few as girlfriend, a few as a night time companion. He met many and had affairs, however couldn’t love anyone; its now no longer that the ones women had some thing lacking in them, he couldn’t love them and it might had been injustice to the women if he had married one in all them; generally one falls in love after marriage, however what if it doesn’t there may be one-sided love in marriage. Anu recalls Vanraj’s betrayal. Anuj says he could have married, however couldn’t as he didn’t need to take risk. She says he can marry even now as he doesn’t appearance greater than 30, rich, and handsome; he must marry as every person wishes a lifestyles companion. He laughs and mimicking Salman Khan says there are 2 sort of people, one may be married and unhappy and different may be single and happy, he selected to be happy. She laughs. He says he had a horrific success in love, however he has learnt to stay fortuitously. She maintains laughing. He asks while she informed every person wishes a lifestyles companion, then why don’t she marry. She says she doesn’t want a lifestyles companion.

Vanraj writhes with leg ache and headache. Nandini offers him ache killer. He thank you her. She says feels horrific while he hurts Anu and hurts himself withinside the method and offers an instance of a child gambling in a dirt. She says loads passed off on this residence lately and he or she feels it turned into only a constructed up and actual drama will begin now, he must take care of it if it happens.

Anu tells Anuj that she doesn’t have an area for a lifestyles companion in her lifestyles, now no longer due to the fact she is a mom of grown up youngsters, however due to the fact she doesn’t have braveness to like or undergo ache as she did it as soon as and can’t once more. She says you’ll tolerate a younger age love, however can not a mature age love; she amassed herself with first rate difficulty, however can’t once more. He mimics Salman Khan once more and says she is proper and must be part of Mamaji’s single’s membership membership; as he stated she may be fortuitously single than unhappily married. She laughs once more. He sasy can they cross now after his horrific mimicry. She says yes. They pray god once more and go back to automobile. Ek Duje Ke Vaaste.. track performs withinside the background. Climate changes. Back in automobile, Anu messages Bapuji that they may be leaving and could attain domestic through evening. Rain starts. Anu says its an unseasonal rain like cooking opposition day. He says he can’t see roads because of heavy rain.

Family receives worried for Anu. Pakhi asks Toshu approximately Kinjal. Toshu says she has long gone to Mumbai for conference. Bapuji says Anu messaged that she can be able to go back through evening. Samar says her telecellsmartphone isn’t reachable. Anuj’s automobile receives caught. He attempts to make a name, however doesn’t locate network. She says its closely raining or even her telecellsmartphone doesn’t have a network. He says he’s going to exit and test and asks her to be in automobile. She says they each will exit collectively and jokes giving instance of a movie. He gives her umbrella. She asks if he’s waterproof. He says he is likewise now no longer made from salt. He holds umbrella and receives her out. She slips. He holds her and drops umbrella. They get drenched. He gets rid of his blazer and drapes it over her. She recalls seeing a residence close by and reminds him discussing approximately it. He says he recalls. She asks is it. He murmurs he recalls her every word. They each head toward the residence.

Bapuji speaks to GK over telecellsmartphone and assures him that Anuj could be fine. Vanraj receives involved for Anu. Baa with a frowning face asks what’s he blabbering. Samar says its higher for mummy and Anuj to live in a lodge than riding in rain. Baa determines to punish Anu if she doesn’t go back domestic today. Anu and Anuj attain a wish and ring bell hoping they are able to make a name from there. Two boys 1/2 of open door. Anuj requests to allow them to make a name. Boys says they are able to’t accept as true with strangers and can not permit them in. Anu says they may be proper as she additionally taught youngsters now no longer to accept as true with strangers. Anuj asks them to test his call on internet. They test and get excited seeing him and say they have been partying with buddies of their visitor residence. They take them in and introduce well-known NRI businessman Anuj Kapadia to their buddies. Anuj apologizes for traumatic their party. Anu calls from landline and informs Bapuji that they may be caught in rain and reached a residence. Samar indicates to live there this night as there may be a cloud burst int that area. Vanraj, Toshu, and Baa frown listening to that.

The episode ends.


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