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Anupama returns domestic. Vanraj shouts at her that she confirmed her proper face, first she gave a process to his spouse after which were given her kicked out on first day itself, she proved how reasonably-priced she is, if his phrases are hurting he simply commenced and he or she desires to pay attention loads. Anu gets rid of cotton from hears and says he need to be now no longer be worn-out repeating equal dialogues, however she is worn-out; even then if he desires to speak, he can ship voice notes. she attempts to go away. He holds her hand and prevents her. She angrily frees her hand pushing him away and warns he shouldn’t dare contact her; she informs that she goes out of Ahmedabad with Anuj and if he can ship his scoffs thru voice notes, he can ship them in installments with one notice day by day in preference to burning his blood without delay and growing his BP, she can be able to go along with Anuj day after today from domestic brazenly in preference to hiding and isn’t always afflicted approximately his scoffs. Vanraj stands taken aback whilst she walks to her room. Bapuji scoffs that voice notice concept changed into proper, even Leela/Baa have to make notes as their dialogue changed into repetitive. Mamaji explains repetitive’s meaning.

Kavya says Bapuji didn’t say something to Anupama and alternatively insulted them. Vanraj shouts that she desired to paintings for Anuj and were given insulted brutally. Bapuji walks to Anu and says she is habituated to all this nonsense and offers an instance a lady operating in kitchen bearing minor oil burns and cuts whilst operating and tolerating them, he says they shouldn’t tolerate and cope with them. Anu says she may want to get brave together along with his assist and apologizes for now no longer taking his permission earlier than confronting Vanraj. He says she did proper and says he goes to satsang this night and could pray god that she doesn’t should show herself every day. She prays Kanhaji to cease this day by day drama.

Anu visits temple and prays Kanhaji to defend her own circle of relatives and maintain her kids glad always. She sees a sticky label close by and choices it. Akshara additionally holds equal sticky label. They each talk their perspectives toward own circle of relatives and tie sticky label to banyan tree collectively praying god to defend their own circle of relatives relationships. Anu then suggests reflect made for Pakhi and herself and says one have to provide time to own circle of relatives however have to maintain a while for herself, etc. Akshara says she can be able to in no way neglect about her recommendation, she changed into going to Udaipur and stopped at Ahmedabad perhaps to fulfill her and recognize values of oneself. They each tie reflect to banyan tree branches. They introduce themselves and determine to fulfill subsequent time and display every different’s making a song and dancing talent. They component approaches praising every different and pray god for every different.

Vanraj returns from running and sees Anuj anticipating Anu outdoor house. Anu attempts to go away house, however Vanraj locks gate and warns that if she is going with Anuj nowadays, she can’t now no longer go back to this domestic again. Anu remembering Bapuji’s recommendation receives out mountain climbing fence, greets Vanraj, and leaves in Anuj’s vehicle. Sarla and Vimla badmouth as usual. Vanraj kicks door angrily and walks in. Kavya confronts Baa that she changed into taunting her loads throughout her time, however didn’t utter something to Anu. Baa determines to humiliate Anu as soon as she returns domestic.

Anuj plays pooja with Anu at a temple and tells her that he used to ship services to this temple earlier than his each venture and nowadays he’s praying himself for his new venture. Anu additionally prays for his or her new venture and relaxes on temple stairs with him. He says she did suitable via way of means of preventing at this temple because it reminds him of his early life temple visits together along with his parents. Two ladies byskip via way of means of and reward that Anuj could be very handsome. Anu says all of us likes him. He murmurs besides her. She asks if he stated something. He says prasad coconut could be very sweet. she says he labored tough and succeeded in lifestyles, why didn’t he marry until now. He asks if he have to inform the reason. She says yes.

Precap: Anuj asks Anu whilst she advised every body desires a lifestyles partner, then why don’t she marry. Their vehicle meets with an twist of fate at the manner domestic. Bapuji receives concerned for them.


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