Anupama 26th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupama 26th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupama asks Kanhaji that this time liabilities and opportunity are large and even dread, so he should favor her. She then, at that point, contacts Bapuji’s feet, and he favors her. She attempts to contact Baa’s feet, however she eases off. Mamaji holds Baa, and Baa favors Anu scowling. Kinjal says she need not stress over house. Anu says she should focus on her gathering today and not fret over house as she arranged food as of now. Samar says auto came. Toshu inquires as to whether her companion didn’t send auto. Anu says he didn’t as he is a colleague in excess of a companion now. Bapuji requests that she be certain. Kinjal gets some information about house. Anu says she will not until Kinjal is there. Baa remarks she is here to stress. Vanraj wants her to enjoy all that life has to offer. Kavya remarks play around with Anuj. Anu says I will and ventures out from home certainly. Samar and Kinjal give her directions what she ought to do. She reminds she is their mom. Kinjal says that is the reason, she is valuable to them. Anu sheets auto and headsd towards air terminal.

GK drives vehicle to drop AK. AK says even left vehicles move quick. GK says still there is a ton of time left. Baa on the opposite side condemnations Anu, and Bapuji faces her. AK’s vehicle stalls. He gets strained reasoning Anu will reach on schedule and he will be late. Anu in auto enthusiastically figures she will ride a plane today. AK runs holding his pack in SRK’s style. Anu notification and stops him and inquires as to why he is running, assuming he needs to run for air terminal as he accomplishes for office. He says yes. She says that is the reason he is so fit. Auto driver asks is it. Anu says he is of her age. Auto driver says even he will run from tomorrow. Anu messes with AK prior to giving him lift.

Neighbors inquire as to whether Anu headed off to some place as her girl saw Anu with somebody in air terminal. Anu hollers at them that they will make an issue out of it. They say they were simply inquiring. Bapuji stops Baa. Baa says they should confront embarrassment due to Anu from hereon. Anu enters air terminal with AK and gets glad after check in. Samar educates family that mummy looked into air terminal, however slipped and fell. Family gets concerned. Mamaji jokes. Samar inquires as to whether they know what mummy checked subsequent to getting up. Vanraj remarks she more likely than not really look at her shoes. Anu enters air terminal and seeing air entertainer says she is exceptionally delightful and ought to be in films. AK shows her seat. She says Kinjal told front seats are exorbitant. AK says business class is a bit costlier than economy class. She addresses him not to squander cash pointlessly. He grins.

Samar reveals to Bapuji that occasionally Mr Shah acts great and now and then bizarre. Bapuji says Vanraj needs to be content seeing Anu’s prosperity, however the climate around him doesn’t allow him to do as such. Samar asks what does he mean. Bapuji clarifies that men are instructed that they are supplier and ought to give everything to ladies, however when ladies push forward, men get envious and can’t process it; he trusts Vanraj quits getting desirous. Back in flight, AK shows Anu how to fix safety belt and calls air master for help. Individual traveler chuckles at Anu, yet gets apprehensive seeing AK. Anu says individuals regard him to such an extent. He recounts shayari. Kavya reveals to Vanraj that he isn’t not as much as AK who is as yet hanging tight for Anu and he in the wake of saying a final farewell to her is as yet appended to her, what is there between them that their relationship isn’t breaking totally. He says he doesn’t currently.

Precap: Anu partakes in her flight venture. Kavya inquires as to whether he is expecting that their set of experiences will rehash with Anu and Anuj.
Vanraj says there is a connection which he can’t break.


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