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Nandini visits Shah residence withinside the morning and asks Anupama approximately different own circle of relatives members. Anu says they have been worn-out after yesterday’s event, so they’re nonetheless sleeping. Nandini says she can be able to cross and meet Samar. Anu requests her to serve breakfast in everybody’s room as they’ll now no longer pop out. Nandini says she want now no longer experience responsible as she didn’t do wrong. Anu says it hurts once they stand in opposition to their expensive ones; she asks her to tell Baa to pop out of room as she has long gone to workplace and giving in addition commands attempts to depart residence whilst Kavya stops her and accompanies her to workplace. Nandini hopes Kavya doesn’t create any trouble to Anu at workplace.

At Anuj’s workplace, Anuj senses Anu’s ache and appears at her. She says she is fine, he want now no longer fear approximately her. Kavya barges in excitedly and says she were given a few concept marketplace concerning thoughts. Anuj asks her to knock the door earlier than coming into his cabin and speak her thoughts with Anu as she is the assignment and now no longer disturb him as an alternative. Kavya walks out and recalls Vanraj’s scoffs that she can be able to paintings beneathneath Anu with out bothering approximately her and her husband’s popularity. At cafe, Baa and Vanraj hears boys discussing that Samar’s mom is having an affair with NRI businessman Anuj, his father had an affair with a college, and son is roaming with an older age girl. Baa warns Vanraj that human beings are talking at the back of their again now and shortly will spit on their face. Back at workplace, Kavya discusses her on-line advertising concept with Anuj. Anuj says she did a great process and asks Anu how become her concept. Anu says its nice. Anuj says she doesn’t appearance greater excited, so she ought to explicit her view. Anu says everybody don’t use clever telephones for payment, specially older technology and prefer Baa and Bapuji, they nonetheless use antique telephones; for them, looking an commercial and hoardings paintings. Anuj likes her concept and asks Kavya to encompass it in her plan. He then is going apart with Anu for a video conference. Kavya receives irritated remembering Vanraj’s phrases once more and walks out loudly shutting the door. Anuj notices that.

Kavya returns to her table and vents out her anger in the front of her colleagues badmouthing approximately Anu and Anuj’s relationship. Anuj walks to her and he or she stops. Anuj angrily asks her to continue. Kavya apologizes. Anuj reminds his caution in advance that there shouldn’t be any trouble to his associate and his employer due to her, her husband and own circle of relatives; she ought to be thankful to Anu who gave her a process forgetting their past, however as an alternative she is badmouthing approximately her and dust slinged his associate in his very own workplace; says she is worst than Baa who at the least is involved approximately her own circle of relatives’s popularity, however she crossed the bounds and its higher she leaves. Kavya apologizes. Anuj says she is fired. Kavya pleads now no longer to hearthplace her on the primary day of process as she wishes it badly and her popularity can be at stake. Anuj says she attempted to tarnish Anu’s popularity simply now and is involved approximately her very own popularity. Kavya pleads him once more after which Anu to persuade Anuj. Anu says she forgave her errors constantly as she insulted her, however she insulted Anuj and can’t be forgiven; she offers ethical gyaan that many ladies are craving for paintings and don’t get it, Kavya were given a danger and misplaced it. Anuj says she is losing their time and says suitable bye. Kavya then misbehaves with Anuj that he gave her process to affect Anu and now have become a hero with the aid of using kicking her out of residence. She then humiliates Anu that she has trapped Vanraj at domestic and Anuj at workplace, etc. Anuj warns her to close up. Kavya shouts he’s simply Anu’s puppet. Anu warns her to get out earlier than she slaps her. Kavya provokes her to dare try and slap her, keeps spitting out venom in opposition to them and walks out.
Anuj tells Anu that this female will now no longer be quiet. Anu thinks Kavya will exaggerate the difficulty at domestic.

Kavya walks to cafeteria and cries hugging Vanraj. Vanraj asks what happened. Kavya says Anuj and Anupama. At Anuj’s workplace, Anuj gives chocolate milk to Anu and insists her to complete it earlier than he counts 10. She does. He says they want to go to a manufacturing unit at Ahmedabad outskirts, however seeing the situation, he feels.. She says her expert and private existence will now no longer interfered, her residence surroundings will now no longer have an effect on her workplace surroundings, they’ll go to manufacturing unit tomorrow. He says that makes feel and asks her to move domestic now. She leaves greeting Jai Sri Krishna. He prays god to keep her from identical antique drama at domestic. Anu reaches domestic.

Precap: Vanraj humiliates Anu. Anu gets rid of cotton balls from her ears revealing she didn’t pay attention him and scoffs to forestall growing his BP, as an alternative ship her a voice message daily. Next morning, Vanraj attempts to forestall Anu from leaving residence. She climbs wall and walks out and leaves in Anuj’s car, leaving Vanraj greater frustrated.


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