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Anupama asks Kavya rather than conning her own circle of relatives, if she could have requested belongings from Bapuji and children, they could have fortuitously given it to her. She says stealing is in Kavya’s nature, be it a residence or husband, and some thing she were given is with the aid of using stealing; if now no longer Baa, Bapuji, and own circle of relatives, she ought to have concept of her husband at least. Kavya says she loves her husband. Anu says she loves simplest herself. Kavya shouts she is insulting her. Anu says she is telling truth; she could have received Baa and Bapuji’s love rather than conning them and is inexpensive than a temple shoes thief. Kavya says she simply snatched her right, all of them can live at her residence like before. Vanraj says she did incorrect with the aid of using insulting his parents. Kavya says fights are not unusualplace among in-legal guidelines and DIL. He asks what if Baa slaps her after which apologizes, will she forgive her. Kavya says Baa and Bapuji are nonetheless elders of her residence and the entirety could be ordinary in the event that they stroll again in, however in the event that they need to live at Anu’s residence, she can’t assist. Vanraj warns how are she is to talk rudely to his parents. Kavya says quite a few costs are concerned with this every person, anyhow she doesn’t have a wealthy boyfriend like Anuj Kapadia. Vanraj says she is disillusioned that she doesn’t have a wealthy boyfriend like Anuj Kapadia.

Kavya ignores him and asks own circle of relatives to get internal domestic. Kinjal asks her to first determine if she is a great or terrible bahu as she spoke so contradictively that she herself is careworn what she needs. Kavya asks what she needs. Kinjal says she simply desires to live farfar from her. Kavya says Rakhi took again penthouse, in which will she live now; she similarly name callings Toshu approximately his pent residence live. Toshu receives angry. Kinjal says she can’t live together along with his psycho sauteli maa/stepmother. Samar says he’ll live together along with his mummy. Pakhi says even she will. Kavya name callings Pakhi subsequent and whoever desires to come in, can in any other case leave. Anu asks Vanraj if she ought to take his own circle of relatives domestic or now no longer. Kavya warns they ought to recollect this residence belongs to her after which input it. Vanraj says he’ll now no longer permit his own circle of relatives move. Kavya thinks she isn’t always egocentric, all and sundry thinks approximately their security, so she did what’s nice for her; they shouldn’t overlook that this residence is simplest her.

Anu tells own circle of relatives that Mr. Shah needs his own circle of relatives to be with him, in order that they ought to al guide him forgetting Kavya’s sins; all of them recognise that Mr Shah loves them immensely. She tells Bapuji that in advance his residence become breaking and if all of them move, his son will smash down. Vanraj pleads Bapuji to provide him one extra risk to set matters right. Anu alerts all and sundry, and all of them stroll internal residence. She prays god that she is aware of Mr Shah will do his nice to hold his own circle of relatives united, however Kanhaji ought to additionally assist them. She walks closer to gate and sees Anuj watching for her. Bapuji notices Anu and Anuj leaving in a automobile and rushes closer to them. Anu stops automobile and walks to him. Bapuji says he forgot to inform her sorry and thank you; she helped him while he become on my own, however he got here again right here leaving her on my own; he’s the worst father of the global. Anu says she continually wishes his guide, however his grandchildren, spouse, and son want him extra than her. He says Vanraj instructed he’ll set matters right, don’t recognise how he’ll. Anu says he helped her while she broke down, now he ought to assist her son hold his own circle of relatives united; he can go back to her residence after that. Bapuji stands nervous. She senses it and asks if he needs to mention something.

Kavya hugs Vanraj and apologizes for her mistake. Vanraj thinks he gave her a risk continually, however she betrayed him; their dating went bitter in 1 yr itself; he has to emerge as his vintage self for his own circle of relatives’s sake and permit the complete global recognise who he’s. Anu asks Bapuji needs he needs to mention. Bapuji says she isn’t always on my own as Anuj is with her. She says her buddy is with her. He says all and sundry is egocentric, he didn’t permit her move even after her divorce and got here to her residence while he fought together along with his spouse, even she ought to be egocentric and ought to think about herself; with passing age, one wishes a lifestyles associate as they sense lonely; he had own circle of relatives with him, even then he become feeling lonely while his spouse stopped assisting him; she selflessly sacrificed her 26 years for Vanraj and left him as he become not worthy for her; they attain what they sow, she continually sow love and god desires to go back her what she sow until now. He keeps that she ought to take delivery of the advantages god is giving her and ought to stay for herself. Anu says she can’t recognize something. He says she ought to permit love input her lifestyles; sending Anuj become in Kanhaji’s arms and letting him in her coronary heart is in her arms, so she ought to permit Anuj input her coronary heart.

Precap: Bapuji tells Anu that Radha Kishan ji’s call have been united in that century, on this century she ought to allow them to unite.
Anuj asks Anu if she is coming along. She says sure and receives into his automobile. Vanraj in a businessman’s apparel thinks he’ll do something to get again what he lost.


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