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Anu inquires as to whether she realizes how harvest is developed and in the event that she saw ranchers and fields. Pakhi says she saw glad ranchers in motion pictures. Anu says its parent’s mix-up that they show youngsters a simple life and take them to London holiday rather than a persevering cultivating developing yields or probably Pakhi wouldn’t have requested to discard entire food. Pakhi shouts if its her deficiency that she didn’t see fields. Anu says she saw her dad striving to bring in cash and portrays how they used to recite in youth that one should fill the plate just which they can wrap up. Pakhi stands haughtily. Anu gives her 3500 rs and requests that Pakhi consume it. Kavya attempts to meddle. anu quiets down. Pakhi hollers what the shout, she isn’t frantic to consume the cash. Anu says she previously consumed it. Anu shows her and her companion’s squandered pizza, milkshake, and other food and says out of 4200 rs worth food, they squandered 3500 rs worth food; she can’t toss it to canines as it will ruin their stomach. She proceeds with reprimanding Pakhi and says she would have requested food which no one but she can wrap up. Vanraj asks not to misrepresent the issue. Anu says it has effectively misrepresented, for what reason didn’t he stop when he knew its Pakhi’s organization. Vanraj says for what reason would he. Pakhi egotistically inquires as to whether her companions ought to have gone hungry. Anu says they don’t send even a mailman hungry from their home. Vanraj says its OK. Anu says actually like spoiling kids, they should reprimand them for their missteps. Pakhi presumptuously says she didn’t do any slip-up.

Samar inquires as to whether she is so imbecilic to not acknowledge her mix-up or she would not like to. Their contention begins. Pakhi begins crying. Kavya hollers at Anu that she with her commonplace working class attitude made Pakhi cry and loves seeing everybody crying. Baa reprimands and quiets down. Vanraj yells its enough now, he won’t endure his girl being chastened for a simple 4200 rs. Anu says it’s anything but about cash as she never chided her kids from breaking any stuff erroneously, its about squandering cash and not understanding slip-up. Vanraj says Pakhi is a child and will adapt gradually. Anu says they need to show Pakhi now itself and she needs to assume liability for her mix-ups and right them. Contention proceeds. Vanraj yells its enough at this point. Kavya shouts she is making a major issue for only 4200 rs, she will pay it with tip. Anu says she should pay her better half as its his bistro. Vanraj yells lets end this issue here and leaves. After at some point, Vanraj faces Anu for making a dramatization for a straightforward issue and says her dance foundation is running admirably, however his bistro hasn’t yet, so he needs a significant serenity. She asks he should stay silent and not converse with her when she would not like to and leaves there.

In the evening, Anu with Samar cleans Pakhi’s squandered food recollecting the present dramatization. She requests that Mamaji eat. Mamaji says he isn’t eager and will have milk. Baa likewise says same and requests Anu to take care of rest from the family. Kavya shouts that no one needs to eat on account of Anu. Pakhi gives 2200 rs to Vanraj saying she took it from her stash and will reimburse the rest soon. Vanraj asks not. Baa admonishes Pakhi for her discourteous conduct and cautions to slap her on the off chance that she shows her pomposity. Kayva hollers at Anu again for that. Anu cautions her not presently and requests that Pakhi eat. Pakhi says she doesn’t have any cash to pay and strolls towards her room. Samar faces her. Kavya meddles. Samar cautions her not to meddle among kin and strolls behind Pakhi. Kavya then, at that point shouts at Anu that she made a fracture between family. Vanraj shouts at Anu that his girl is eager in light of her. Anu says Pakhi is additionally her little girl and as a mother, she knows when her little girl is eager and would have been in Pakhi’s room with thali now. Vanraj keeps accusing Anu and Baa. Anu says on the off chance that they won’t right her, who else will. He targets Samar next. She inquires as to why he targets Samar consistently for wrong things. He cautions if Samar hits Pakhi, he won’t extra Samar. She challenges that Samar makes them childhood and won’t do any mix-up.

Precap: Bapuji sees Vanraj appropriating his bistro’s flyers to public and feels miserable. Anu says there isn’t anything incorrectly in it. Rakhi’s companion insults her that her samdhi is conveying handout on street. Rakhi exhaust on Vanraj and Anu.


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