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There is a time when the judge had to give an example of temple and robbery while hearing the bail plea of ​​Climate Activist Disha Ravi in ​​Toolkit case. During the hearing of Disha’s bail plea, Delhi Police alleged in court that she was part of a conspiracy to incite violence in India and erased evidence like email. In response, the judge asked the Delhi Police if I approached the dacoit for the temple, would I be a dacoit? Explain that the court reserved its order for Disha Ravi’s bail plea in the Toolkit case for Tuesday.

During the hearing of the case, Additional Sessions Judge Dharmendra Rana asked the investigative agency (Delhi Police) some lingering questions. The judge said that she (police) is taking action by just guessing, arriving at conclusions based on known facts and guessing without enough evidence and (on 26 January) the violence during the tractor parade of farmers What is the relationship The judge said, “… I will not proceed until my conscience is satisfied.”

At the same time, Additional Solicitor General SV Raju, appearing on behalf of Delhi Police, told the court that hyperlinks in the toolkit were linked to Khalistani websites, which spread hatred against India. He alleged, ‘This is not just a toolkit. The real plan was to discredit India and create unrest here (in the country). However, Disha’s lawyer claimed, ‘There is no evidence linking the toolkit to the incident of violence during the tractor parade of farmers on 26 January. He also questioned the allegations made in the FIR.

Defense counsel (Disha) advocate Siddharth Aggarwal said, ‘We all have different views. You may have problems with the performance of farmers, I may not. If it is treason to raise the issue of farmers’ performance globally, then I am fine in jail. I (defense counsel) also support the farmers, let us all go to jail. ‘ Disha’s lawyer said, “There is an allegation in the FIR that yoga and tea are being targeted. Is it a crime? Are we now also going to ban that a person cannot have a different opinion. ‘

Opposing Disha’s bail plea, the police alleged that she was preparing this document (toolkit) with Khalistan supporters. At the same time, she was part of a global conspiracy to discredit India and create unrest in the country under the guise of peasant demonstrations. Delhi Police alleged that Ravi erased the chat (chat), email and other evidence on WhatsApp and she was aware of what legal action she might face.

The police argued before the court that if Disha had not done any wrongdoing, why did he hide his tracks (messages) and erase the evidence. Police alleged that this showed his nefarious plan. At this, the defense counsel claimed that Disha did so for fear of being implicated in the case. He said, “My fault is that I sought support from Greta Thanberg (climate activist), that too for the performance of the farmers and not Khalistan.”

During the hearing, the judge asked how the toolkit relates to the incident of violence? He asked, “What is the evidence?” What evidence is there to show the connection between conspiracy and violence? The judge, when argued in relation to the conspiracy, asked, “If I approach the dacoit for the construction of the temple, how can you say that I was involved with the dacoity?” What evidence is there against him (direction)? ‘

To this, Raju said in his reply, ‘It looks very ordinary. But if you click on the hyper link, it will take you to another website, which defames the Indian Army, it refers to how the Indian Army has allegedly massacred Kashmir. ‘ He said, ‘Those articles affect the reader’s mind. This is why the case was filed against the Poetic Justice Foundation. They are running anti-national activities under the guise of demonstrations of farmers. ‘He said,’ He showed people that India is a bad country, which kills Muslims. Shantanu was sent to Delhi to ensure that he carried out the plot of the toolkit.

Significantly, a lower court on Friday sent the climate worker to judicial custody for three days after Disha’s five-day police custody period ended. Disha was arrested by the Cyber ​​Cell of Delhi Police from Bengaluru on 13 February. Disha has been booked under sedition and other charges.


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