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Anuj waits for Anupama and and tells GK that he doesn’t understand why Anupama didn’t go back but and hopes Baa is fine. GK says Hasmukh bhai/Bapuji’s anger is valid, however Leela ben/Baa shattered due to that. Anuj says perhaps Anu went to drop her domestic for the equal cause. GK says Anupama method one with out an example, this is why she continues to be considering Baa. Anuj says its now no longer smooth for Anu after the current incidents of Bapuji breaking down after which Baa, she is performing robust from out of doors however is damaged from inside. GK says he ought to guarantee and luxury her. Anuj says he’s proper, he’ll name Samar and discover what goes on there.

At Shah residence, Anu tells Kavya that she isn’t scared of outsiders, her husband advised she is an interloper and therefore he’ll vent out his anger on his own circle of relatives members, mainly Kavya. Samar receives Anuj’s name. Kavya shouts that Anu desired to interrupt their own circle of relatives and therefore provoked Bapuji. Anu says own circle of relatives isn’t a fruit on tree to be plucked/damaged, she held own circle of relatives collectively for 26 years and its a bahu/DIL’s obligation, what type of bahu Kavya is who can’t preserve her own circle of relatives collectively,

and if she is feeling horrific with Bapuji’s departure, why didn’t she preserve his hand and convey him again. Kavya says due to the fact Bapuji considers Anu as her daughter and now no longer her. Anu asks why so? Vanraj additionally asks why Bapuji doesn’t bear in mind her bahu but. Kavya receives tensed and says they may be speaking approximately Anupama and now no longer her. Anu says they may be speaking approximately her father. Kavya says problem could have ended at domestic, however Anu took Bapuji along. Vanraj says Anu is making an attempt to interrupt the own circle of relatives and entice them in the direction of her in view that she left domestic.

Anu says own circle of relatives is attracted with love, even he ought to love and entice his own circle of relatives in the direction of him; if he had visible Bapuji’s circumstance then, he himself could have asked her to take Bapuji from there; even he is aware of that she loves Bapuji extra than him and he or she did what she felt proper at that time. Kavya asks why that day got here on pageant day, she purposefully provoked Baa as her her recreation plan.

Anuj informs GK that Vanraj located out the whole thing, he ought to consider what have to be occurring in that residence. GK says what he feared is happening, they shouldn’t tell some thing to Hashmukh bhai. Anuj says he requested Samar to preserve him updated. Anu confronts Kavya that she can be able to blame the whole thing on her, although vegetable costs increase, vegetable burns at the same time as cooking, her hair fall, etc. Kavya says she isn’t having hair fall or burnt vegetable in view that 2 days. Vanraj says she is giving an example. Kavya says some thing it is, the truth is Anu is the cause among Bapuji and Baa’s combat. Baa warns her now no longer to lie and accepts that Bapuji left domestic due to her.

Vanraj says eventually she regularly occurring her mistake and ought to accurate it herself and convey again Bapuji domestic. Baa says he doesn’t need to return back. She says he went to deliver him again, however he doesn’t need to go back. Anu says he and kids ought to persuade Bapuji and convey him again domestic as soon as his anger calms down. Kavya shouts Anu could have provoked him extra via way of means of then, she can be able to make him towards Vanraj subsequent and it changed into her plan to arrange diwali birthday party at her domestic and create this drama. Vanraj shouts again to close up and asks why didn’t she prevent Baa while she were given indignant and as he is aware of well, she could have poured ghee in fire; he doesn’t need to concentrate to her or Anu’s gyaan and needs his Bapuji again domestic. He warns Baa to deliver again Bapuji with due recognize and until then neglect about that she has a son.

Kinjal says papa is performing like a child. Samar says he can recognize and could have executed equal for mummy. Pakhi says she is afraid extra. Kinjal says papa wouldn’t have allow this problem exaggerated. Pakhi says papa is in worry like she feared dropping her dad and mom throughout their divorce. Vanraj says he desires his Bapuji again domestic, until then Baa can’t input this residence. He attempts to close door on Baa’s face. Anu stops him and says he shouldn’t disrespect to recognize a father like Toshu did, Baa could have executed this for his sake, etc. He forcefully attempts to shut door and he or she attempts to preserve it open. Children plead Anu to put off her hand away earlier than he’s hurt. Vanraj sees Bapuji,

runs and hugs him. Bapuji recalls listening to Anuj’s words. Anu says a son’s love delivered Bapuji again domestic. Vanraj thank you Bapuji for returning domestic and keeping his hand asks to return back in. Bapuji says he got here right here now no longer to go back domestic and simply desires to request him now no longer to combat extra as this residence misplaced plenty and he ought to hold what’s left; his residence and father are shattered, Vanraj ought to collect his damaged residence and he’ll collect his self-pride. Vanraj pleads him to return back in.

Bapuji says he can’t input someone’s residence because it belongs to Baa now; a person can construct a residence, however female makes is a temple; he can also additionally input residence on Vanraj’s insistence, however his thoughts could be out of doors; he ought to allow him stay in peace until he’s alive; its among him and his spouse, Vanraj shouldn’t punish his mom for that.

Baa walks to Bapuji and pleads him now no longer to disown her as she stated the whole thing in anger after Kavya provoked her. Kavya thinks Baa is blaming her mistake on her, she desires to do some thing earlier than V receives indignant on her. She asks Baa if she a 6-year-antique child to be provoked, she did a mistake and is blaming her instead. Anu asks Vanraj to invite his spouse to preserve quiet. Kavya shouts at her to close up. Vanraj shouts again at her to close up and says as she stated, Anu isn’t a part of this own circle of relatives and isn’t this own circle of relatives’s bahu, however Kavya is and its her obligation to manipulate Baa and others. Kavya keeps blaming Anu and Anuj for all of the problems.

Vanraj shouts again now no longer to take their names in his residence and says she is aware of best three things, makeup, gossip and negativity and in view that she got here on this residence, complete own circle of relatives is fighting. Kavya shouts that its now no longer her mistake that his own circle of relatives is dramebaaz. He says she in no way regularly occurring this own circle of relatives. She says due to Anu. He says she blames Anu for each mistake, didn’t she make any mistake. She says Anu made 50% errors and his dad and mom made 50 errors.

Precap: Vanraj tells Kavya that his father will go back domestic with recognize and they’ll get out of this residence. She shouts she made a largest mistake of her existence via way of means of marrying on this own circle of relatives. He says he made a largest mistake via way of means of marrying her.
He says he can pass anyplace he desires to and displaying assets files says this residence belongs to best her.


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