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Baa walks on avenue feeling responsible for humiliating Baa, remembering her and Bapuji’s arguments. Anu follows her and whilst she is set to fall in ditch saves her and asks what if she had fallen in it. Baa says she has already fallen too low. Anu makes her take a seat down on a park bench and says they each are proper of their very own views, however that she did with Bapuji is absolutely incorrect; she can also additionally experience awful, however reality is she is the purpose for Bapuji’s condition;

Bapuji become like a candy water, however she soured it; she humiliated Bapuji in the front of anyone and did virtually incorrect. She similarly says that Bapuji is harm via way of means of the individual whom she loves maximum, Bapuji’s anger is legitimate and he’s going to loosen up after sometime; she felt awful with what Baa did to her, however she is harm with what she did it with Bapuji; Bapuji is the world’s maximum easy and actual individual, etc., and for her, she is proper if Bapuji is together along with her and incorrect if he’s now no longer, he’s together along with her these days and now no longer Baa. Baa cries that she did a massive mistake, kicked her husband from his very own residence;

she couldn’t tolerate Anu leaving her residence, aleven though Vanraj did; she used to get irritated on Anuj as she become habituated to Anu for 26 years; she noticed simplest love in Bapuji’s eyes for fifty years and hatred simplest now, she can be able to die if he doesn’t go back to him; she stricken Anu for 26 years and desires her to one way or the other persuade her husband and ship him returned to her, etc. Anu attempts to console her.

Vanraj asks Toshu to inform what’s going on there and now no longer check his patience. Kavya, Samar, Pakhi, and Kinjal stroll in searching tensed. He then asks them to to inform what happened. Kavya says Bapuji left domestic. He confronts them taken with hiding reality from him. Anu takes Baa domestic. Leela and Vimla seeing them speak that they each combat in the future and bathe love on every different the alternative day. Anu asks Baa to move in and relaxation.

They listen Vanraj angrily pronouncing that Bapuji is the god of his residence and he’s going to now no longer have even a drop of water and now no longer relaxation till he brings his Bapuji returned domestic. He sees Baa with Anu close to door. Baa attempts to go into residence. He warns her to dare now no longer input residence after what she did together along with his father in his absence. He similarly shouts at Anu to get out. Baa says he introduced her here. Kavya thinks ex-saas bahu reunited again. He tells Baa that Anu is an intruder and he doesn’t have any grievance in opposition to, he desires to realize from Baa in which is his Bapuji.

Anu says Baa went to persuade Bapuji and produce him returned domestic, however he denied. He asks how will he whilst a father is humiliated in his very own residence; if a person else could have insulted his father, he could have killed that individual, however his mom insulted his father;

Baa introduced him up and that they percentage identical nature, however there’s one distinction and he is aware of to bend in the front of his father; his father is residence’s door and but excessive his head is, he has to bend in the front of the door. He can die for his father’s dignity, however his mom destroyed it; he could as a substitute die looking to get returned his father’s dignity and he’s ashamed of his mom. Anu says she is an intruder, however desires to mention that.. He shouts then simply close up. She says he can not make any other mistake to accurate one;

Baa humiliated Bapuji and made a mistake, he shouldn’t humiliate Baa and permit her in. He says permit there be a drama. She says Bapuji is together along with her and he or she will ship him domestic as soon as he calms down. He calms down thank you her. Kavya provokes him now no longer to thank this heroine as she provoked Baa in opposition to Bapuji. Anu says now no longer now. Kavya asks if she is frightened of reality of V.

Precap: Anu attempts to prevent Vanraj from shutting door on Baa’s face and says she is aware of the way it feels. He doesn’t budge and forcefully attempts to shut door whilst Bapuji walks in.


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