Anupama 1st October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kavya fantasizes about Vanraj and Anuj battling and supplicates god not to turn this fantasy valid. At Shah house, Nandini illuminates Kinjal how Rohan is following her and says if Samar had not gone out with his companion, Rohan wouldn’t have abused this chance and attempted to frighten her. She fears that she will lose Samar and surprisingly attempted to clarify Rohan, yet he can go to any degree to isolate her and Samar.

Kinjal requests that she unwind as they all together will handle this issue. Nandini says they can discover an answer which Rohan does before them, yet what might be said about one which he does behind them. Kavya inquires as to whether she got Anuj’s call. Anu says no and fears in the event that the two of them began battling. Kavya says even she is dreading same, so they ought to proceed to check. Baa turns off lights mumbling that without Anu, she needs to turn off all the lights, great Vanraj and Kavya has gone to keep an eye on Anu and Anuj. She sees Nandini’s photographs and attempts to pick them when Kinjal stops and sends her in and picks them quickly.

Intoxicated Anuj and Vanraj begin moving vigorously on Hum Dono Hain Alag.. melody. Anu stunned how did the world changed out of nowhere, Kavya says they are tanked, Anu says don’t think about Anuj Mr Shah never contacted liquor in years. Youths who spiked juice with vodka think these uncles drank their spiked beverage. The two of them begin moving on Tere Pyar Me Meri Jaan Ye Kya Hogaya Hai.. melody.

Kavya joins Vanraj and hits the dance floor with him. They then, at that point, dance moving on floor on Oho ho.. Punjabi tune and take off their shirts. Vanraj gets heartfelt and approaches Kavya. Anu and Kavya drag them out of club. The two of them express their affection for one another and say they are each other’s companion and sibling. Kavya says don’t have a clue what befalls men in the wake of becoming inebriated, she will record video and show it to him tomorrow. They get into lift and proceed with their dramatization. Kavya and Anu blows up and request them to sit on floor until they get some assistance.

When they leave, Anuj says I love Anupama. Vanraj asks what did he say. Anuj rehashes. Vanraj inquires as to whether he is discussing Toshu’s mummy, dance foundation Anu. Anuj says yes. Vanraj asks his Anu. Anuj says not his, his is Kavya. Vanraj says indeed, he is correct; then, at that point, neglects and asks what were examining. Anuj rehashes I love Anupama. Vanraj rehashes his inquiries and pose to when did it occur. Anuj says 26 years prior on 23rd July 1995 at 3 p.m. Vanraj says even he didn’t know Anu around then. Anuj says Vanraj didn’t get Anu and he remembered her. Vanraj asks how didn’t he fail to remember her since 26 years. Anuj says he attempted a ton to fail to remember her, yet a light of adoration doesn’t douse. Vanraj says he is a sonnet and requests that he discuss a sonnet. Anuj recounts a sonnet.

Vanraj applauds him and says he had 25 years and for what reason didn’t he love Anu. Anuj inquires as to why? Vanraj says Toshu was brought into the world after marriage, then, at that point, battle, then, at that point, separate, everything occurred aside from adoration. Anuj inquires as to for what reason didn’t he love Anu in 25 years. Vanraj says even he is thinking same, their speculation matches; there was no affection, however something was there which is still at this point. Anuj says it appears. Vanraj inquires as to whether he doesn’t have any issue. Anuj says no. Vanraj asks when he and Anu don’t have any issue, why Vanraj has issue. Anuj requests that he ask Vanraj. Vanraj says he will telephone Vanraj and giggles.

Anu with curd heads towards them doubting god that she needed to see a great deal in a day yet not this much. Vanraj lets Anuj know that he wedded Anu in 1996 and Anuj met Anu in 1995, how was he doing 1 year. Anuj says he assembled fortitude for 1 year and afterward utilizing his companion Bunty’s bike he went to Anu’s home, yet he was abandoned. Vanraj asks from whom. Anuj says from Vanraj, his bike went out. Anu and Kavya keep strolling towards them.

Precap: Baa blows up when Anu doesn’t pick call. Rakhi incites her. Subsequent to getting calm, Vanraj insults Anuj that he doesn’t have the foggiest idea what all happened the previous evening, yet on the off chance that he and Kavya were absent, Anuj’s night would have been wonderful.


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