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Vanraj angrily selections his pillows to sleep out of doors room. Kavya attempts to forestall him. He pushes her away and says she did something she desired to until now and if she attempts to break his parent’s wedding ceremony anniversary, she can be able to see his rage. Anu learns to ship e mail and messages Anuj. She then fixes Bapuji’s wedding ceremony sari. Anuj knocks door in a involved tone. She opens it. He enters involved and asks if a thief barged in as she messaged mujhe bachao/keep me. She suggests her new mobile. He tests and says its a typo. He says he become tensed. A romantic tune performs withinside the background. He sees wedding ceremony sari. She says marriage. He receives tensed and asks if she is marrying. She says Baa and Bapuji’s marriage. He asks if they may be now no longer married but and had been in a live-in dating. She says its their fiftieth anniversary celebration. He relaxes and says he idea its her wedding ceremony. She says its okay.

Vanraj mendacity sofa recollects all his fights with Kavya. Toshu additionally mendacity close to him on subsequent couch recollects Kavya’s words. Samar noticing them thinks Toshu is Mr Shah’s reproduction and issues for them. Anuj asks Anu if wedding ceremony preparations may be finished with the aid of using day after day after today. Anu says seeing own circle of relatives’s excitement, they’ll make preparations with the aid of using day after today itself; even Mr Shah is awesome-excited. He asks what approximately Mrs Shah. She says she is same; this wedding ceremony is vital to clean Baa and Bapuji’s differences. He insists to assist and says his GK mummy has taught him even sewing and weaving. She asks what number of names he weaved on kerchiefs until now. He says handiest one, pointing at her. Aaya Mausam Dosti Kaa.. tune performs withinside the background. He allows her repair Bapuji’s kurta at the same time as she fixes Baa’s sari. Song maintains withinside the background.

Next day, Shah own circle of relatives decorates residence for Baa and Bapuji’s wedding ceremony on their fiftieth wedding ceremony anniversary. Baa and Bapuji go back from temple and seeing ornament says there has been no want for this kind of lavish function. Children says they may be awesome excited. Anu rushes in and apologizes for being late. Baa gives her water. Anu thank you her. Anu says she can be able to live lower back until wedding ceremony finishes and asks Vanraj if Kavya will object. Vanraj says she can be able to now no longer. They talk approximately acting Baa and Bapuji’s prewedding shoot earlier than their mehandi ritual and keep displaying their excitement. GK receives a name and appears concerned. Anuj asks if some thing is serious. GK says it is.

Anu grinds mehandi for Baa. Kinjal insists to assist her. Anu says she can be able to manage. Anu says she is fortunate to grind mehandi for her mother. Kinjal hopes even she grinds mehandi for Anu one day. Anu receives serious. Kinjal says even she merits happiness. Anu smiles lower back and asks her to head and rest. Kavya walks in subsequent. Anu murmurs she enters anywhere like a horror movie heroine. Kavya says she heard it and asks why she is staying at her residence with out her permission. Anu says if she has any problem, she ought to communicate to her husband. Kavya says he doesn’t even communicate to her now and talks handiest to Anu with large smile. Anu says its their non-public difficulty and she or he doesn’t need to interfere. Kavya yells that there may be not anything non-public left and Anu barges of their lifestyles always. Anu warns that she can be able to come right here till Baa and Bapuji’s wedding ceremony, so she ought to chill. Kavya yells how dare she is to insult her in her personal residence. Anu asks if its her residence. Kavya shouts her call is on belongings papers. Anu says writing call on papers is easy, she ought to write her call on people’s heart. Kavya scoffs that she is turning into poetic in her boyfriend’s company, this could now no longer paintings in her residence. Anu asks if she isn’t ashamed to seize the residence with the aid of using conning own circle of relatives, she disrespected each dating and ought to extrade earlier than its late. Kavya receives extra indignant however walks away seeing Vanraj. Anu thinks considering that while Kavya is fearful of Mr Shah.

Precap: Shah own circle of relatives enjoys Baa and Bapuji’s prewedding shoot and mehandi ceremony. Anuj enters…


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