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Anuj tells Anupama that he heard that during anger, tongue bites sharper than a snake; what Baa did turned into in reality horrific. Anu says it might be greater horrific whilst Mr Shah will pay attention what his mom did together along with his father; how ever Mr Shah turned into, he is a great father and a higher son; she concept she might begin afresh with this diwali, don’t recognise what else is withinside the store. She asks him to head domestic as its too overdue. He leaves. She consoles Babuji who maintains crying even in his sleep. At Shah residence, Samar, Pakhi, and Kinjal get involved seeing Baa’s persisted anger. Kinjal asks Baa to head and sleep in her room. Baa shouts at her to get out. Bapuji wakes up again and again panicking and crying. Anu comforts him and feeds him soup. Dolly additionally cries in her room whilst Sanjay comforts him. Ishwar Allah Jitne Bhi Rab Hai.. music performs withinside the background.

Anu go back with blanket for Bapuji and doesn’t discover him in room. She runs out looking him. Anuj notices her, and he or she informs that Baa left domestic. They seek and discover him enquiring approximately a watchman activity to watchman and inquiring for him to get him a activity. Watchman asks why. Bapuji says he doesn’t need to be a burden on his daughter, he’s jobless however now no longer useless. Anu cries listening to that and dashing to him asks what’s he doing here. He says he’s looking a activity as he doesn’t need to be a burden on his daughter. Anu comforts him. Anuj says its overdue night time, he must pass and sleep, they’ll communicate the following day morning.

Next morning, Baa plays pooja and needs satisfied new 12 months to kids and Kavya. Kavya says allow us to begin afresh with new 12 months and convey lower back Bapuji. Baa says he’ll come lower back himself, he’s indignant now and has no different choice than returning domestic. Samar asks if she is consoling herself to cover the truth. Baa shouts at all of us to head and get ready. Kavya says Bapuji might have back final night time itself if Anupama wouldn’t have taken him away, she is taking revenge from Baa in a roundabout way through snatching Bapuji.

Baa says they’re married on account that 50 years even earlier than Anu turned into born and it’ll now no longer ruin easily. Kavya asks what if she snatches Bapuji as she is aware of to govern all of us, they want to convey Bapuji lower back domestic somehow. Anu and Anuj make Bapuji put on taking walks footwear with a smiley on them and insists to accompany them on a walk, however Bapuji doesn’t cheer up. GK enters or even he fails to cheer him up. They raise him and forcefully take him on a walk.

Baa sees Mamaji and orders him to overlook anything befell the day gone by and convey lower back Bapuji. Kavya says Bapuji is indignant on Baa and now no longer him, so if he goes, Bapuji will now no longer deny him. Baa says they must go away all of the problems for final 12 months and throw it in Anuj’s residence. Mamaji says even he’s going. She asks if he’s harm a lot with simply one slap. He says he’s harm as she insulted jijaji and together along with her heinous act, she misplaced her self-respect. Baa shouts.

He warns now no longer to shout as even he can shout. In park, GK fails to cheer up Bapuji together along with his jokes. Anu asks Anuj what turned into he doing on avenue final night time. He says he turned into involved for Bapuji as he is aware of the cost of father, so he stayed lower back. She thank you him for his support. He says Bapuji isn’t always best her father however additionally like his father, so he’s their duty now.

Mamaji confronts Baa and says says he’ll now no longer get rakhi from her on Bhai Dooj the following day and curses her that her days could be darkish from hereon. He offers an instance and says she couldn’t cost jijaji and hopes she might have were given a husband like Vanraj who might have were given lower back her heading in the right direction in 2 days. Kavya thinks even humorous human beings are doing emotional drama now. Back in park, Anu, Anuj, and GK try and make Bapuji giggle with laughter therapy.

Bapuji attempts and says he can’t. GK breaks down noticing that. Anuj asks him to govern as they can’t be weak. GK says if dating looks as if this, they’re higher alone. Anuj says they must suppose what Anu ought to be feeling now and be strong. Mamaji tells Baa that he’ll in no way go back to her residence and walks away. Baa breaks down. Kavya receives V’s name and receives tensed questioning how will she deal with situation. She provokes Baa in opposition to Anu once more and says Anu ought to have video referred to as Mamaji and provoked him, they must get Bapuji lower back domestic earlier than V returns.

Precap: Baa reminds Bapuji of pheras throughout their wedding ceremony and drags him alongside maintaining his hand. He frees himself and says they each will die alone. Vanraj returns domestic and asks Toshu if some thing befell in his absence. Kavya asks Bapuji what if V returns. Bapuji says inform him that his father died.


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