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GK indicates Leela/Baa that a mom has her residence, a spouse has her household, and a person has a satisfaction of going for walks the residence, as a result she shouldn’t clutch her husband’s satisfaction in any other case he’s going to shatter. He fulfilled his obligation of proving them food, they get a dry roti with tough paintings and ghee-laced roti with faith, he labored tough and left relaxation on faith; he fulfilled all his obligations loyally, so she ought to forestall humiliating her husband. Baa shouts being a bachelor how will he realize what sort of husband Hasmukh//Bapuji is. GK says he is aware of what sort of a father Bapuji is seeing Dolly and Anupama and what sort of a father Baa is seeing Vanraj. Baa shouts she doesn’t communicate to servants. Anuj warns her to forestall humiliating GK. GK says whilst this female isn’t in her senses and might insult her husband, why ought to they bother.

Anu pleads Baa to vent out her anger on her and spare Bapuji. Anuj says same. Kinjal says youngsters study from elders and what if she further mistreats Toshu. Samar asks what if Kavya mistreats Mr Shah. Toshu asks Baa to forestall as its getting too much. Dolly confronts her subsequent that she can be able to now no longer preserve quiet if her Bapuji is insulted extra. Baa says she isn’t her daughter anymore, so she ought to close up. Sanjay speaks subsequent, and she or he shuts even his mouth. Mamaji attempts subsequent, and she or he slaps him and warns that he’s born to neglect about and now no longer confront. She shouts at anyone to close their mouths. Mamaji says human beings will spit on her, he’s going to neglect about that he had an elder sister. Baa receives out of manage and breaking matters round shouts the whole lot belongs to her. Kavya thinks top this oldie is breaking matters earlier than she ought to take over karkhana.

Baa then orders Bapuji that there can be her position on her residence from hereon and he’s going to simply nod sure on her order like a puppet with out opposing her and her son’s decisions. She drags his hand and orders that he’s going to now no longer meet Anu from hereon. He frees his hand and says he’s going to now no longer go back to that residence, what is going to she do taking a residing useless frame domestic, there shouldn’t be an area for him at residence if he’s terrible father and husband. He breaks down and says he gave her appreciate and love for years and didn’t understand that she values cash extra than love; he’s going to live on street, beg in temple, polish shoes, however will now no longer live at her residence. He falls down crying. Anu and others rush to him and console him. Pita Se Hai Naam Tera.. tune performs withinside the background.

Baa yells at him to forestall his drama and go back domestic. Anu warns him to dare now no longer talk a phrase in opposition to Bapuji now in any other case she can be able to move her limits. She then consoles Bapuji that she is fortunate to have a father and FIL like him, his daughter continues to be alive to care of him. Baa yells if she becomes a son now. Anu says being a daughter is enough, if a son is satisfaction and lineage, daughter is dignity and life, she can be able to take Bapuji to her domestic. Bapuji agrees. Toshu asks Baa to forestall Bapuji. Baa shouts permit him pass whilst he doesn’t cost her, all of them ought to visit hell. Anu with Anuj lifts Bapuji and says she made errors earlier than and sin today, she can be able to have residence and karkhana and can be very rich from today, however can be maximum negative withinside the world. They all besides Kavya and Toshu take Bapuji from there. Baa shouts get out. Anu takes Bapuji to her residence. Anuj tells her that one that don’t have mother and father can apprehend mother and father’ cost. Anu says she can’t see her Bapuji shatter and desires to get again his dignity, which he has proper on; he gave her appreciate until now and she or he gets again his misplaced smile again.

Baa swinging on her swinger recollects Vanraj leaving residence and shouts permit anyone pass away. Kavya recollects Vanraj’s caution that he’s going to now no longer spare whoever problems Bapuji in her absence, so she has to relax Baa and convey again Bapuji domestic earlier than V returns. Anu makes Bapuji lie on mattress and breaks down seeing his condition. She says Bapuji usually says that a residence wishes each daylight and shadow; if a mom is shadow, father is daylight; her daylight is shedding; Baa humiliated anyone; she might have killed her in preference to humiliating Bapuji so badly.

Precap: Anu attempts to cheer up Bapuji however fails. Mamaji leaves Shah residence cursing Baa that her days can be darkish from hereon. Kavya tells Baa that they ought to kind out matters and convey again Bapuji domestic earlier than V returns domestic..


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