Anupama 17th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupama and kavya’s dance face off starts.

They both dance energetically while circle of relatives watches them. After overall performance, kavya asks pakhi who is great. Anu says she lost and kavya won and asks kavya to educate her sweety. Baa says pakhi may additionally recognise about dance, however anu is the nice mom as most effective a mother can be given defeat even after triumphing.

As soon as family leaves, kavya brainwashes pakhi that anu acted great even after dropping, any other mother could have shouted and no longer let the opponent train her daughter, anu is aware of she will be able to get busy in academy and as a result dumped all of the obligation on her, even pakhi’s papa gave her a critical look as though she is at fault, however she want not worry as her bestie is there for her. Kinjal tells anu that kavya is manipulating pakhi like she manipulated her.

Samar says how can pakhi be this sort of dumb teenager, she forgot that she went into melancholy because of kavya. Anu says at this age, youngsters cannot differentiate between right and incorrect. Kinjal says kavya is making an attempt manage pakhi against her.

Samar asks now not to let that occur. Anu says she will be able to no longer let anybody remove her kids from her. She returns to her room and cries questioning she attempts hard to set matters right, however things entangle once more repeatedly. Kavya returns to her room. Vanraj says he didn’t know she dances so well, its suitable she looking to refix her equation with pakhi, but she shouldn’t harm pakhi and anu’s relationship in that technique. She nods yes. He leaves.

She thinks she forgot to invite him about cafeteria, thank you god that v is not angry on her, however she can ensure pakhi goes against anu at any value. Pakhi gets geared up for school. Anu offers her help. She says she will be able to manage.

Anu shows her favored clips. Pakhi says it turned into, but now not anymore. Anu asks her to try once again and see if its her favorite again, fixes it in pakhi’s hair, apologizes her for now not coaching her dance the day gone by, and offers her shawl announcing she made it in the course of her school breaks as mother continually want to defend her children. Vanraj tells anu that pakhi misbehaved together with her and reminiscing the incident in which he insults kavya realizes that she were given the vanity from him. He asks if she will be able to accompany him o karkhana and says he didn’t want to put her in this example if he had not lost a job, and so on.

Their dialogue maintains when kavya walks in and says she will be able to additionally accompany him to cafeteria and says he want now not are looking for everyone else’s aid as she can guide him always, taunting anu. Anu apologizes her for getting into her part of house because of pakhi.

Kavya says she need no longer make an apology repeatedly as its her normal interest to cross the road and is a loser, she want now not fear about pakhi anymore, etc. Anu leaves. Vanraj asks kavya not to become any other rakhi dave and taunt people and not create any drama in cafeteria.

Shah own family arranges cafeteria fixtures. Anu’s mother additionally accompanies them, and baa explains her how they arranged the furnture. Vanraj maintains a chair for anu’s mom, kavya notices that. Anu’s mother congratulates anu for pleasing her desires and person who used to cook even on her birthday will run an academy now.

Anu emotionally says she idea her cooking. Mother says she just taught her cooking and being silent, she never knew that a daughter can fulfill her dreams and idea only sons deserve all of the education, and so on., but she proved her wrong. She apologizes anu for her wrong wondering. Anu congratulates her for starting her very own pickle business.

Mom says she proved that even daughters can succeed and she touched a sky. Anu says still there’s a long manner, someone needs circle of relatives’s aid to meet his/her desires and she or he has each households along with her. Their emotional discussion continues. Kavya seeing cafe furnishings yells that she idea its dull dance academy’s furnishings, its reasonably-priced scrap fixtures.

Samar and nandini ask her to give time until evening. Kavya keeps her yelling and arrogance. Vanraj says he is certain they will alternate the cafeteria definitely. Complete own family works on cafeteria’s indoors decoration with dil dhadakne do.. Song dancing and playing the work. Kavya stands aside silently jealously seeing them taking part in.

Precap: vanraj names his cafteria as leela’s cafe and samar his dance academy as anupama’s dance academy. Bapuji says the region which has 2 mothers’ blessings can in no way fail. Kavya asks now not to preserve excessive hopes as no one will come to leela’s cafe to have embellished theplas. Anu challenges what if they arrive..


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