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Anu looks at Vanraj, reminiscing their quality moments spent together. Kehta Ye Pal.. song plays in the background. She picks pen, reminiscing her promise made to Kavya, and signs divorce papers. Judge asks to hurry up if they need divorce. Anu says they divorce and gives pen to Vanraj. Vanraj signs papers with shivering hand reminiscing Anu telling divorce will happen for sure. Judge puts divorced seal on papers and pronounces divorce granted. Kehta Hai continues in the background.

Samar gets a message that divorce is granted. Baa starts crying. Kavya hearing that happily thanks god and thinks finally V and Anu’s divorce is granted, now V is not anyone’s husband now, their relationships not illegal now and V is only hers.

Anu and Vanraj come out of court. She calls him Mr. Shah. He asks what did she say. She says she used to call her husband as Toshu ke papa, but now since they are not husband and wife, she will call him Mr. Shah. She removes her mangalsutra and offers it to him saying since relationship was there, this mangalustra was valuable and now its just a thread; this mangalsutra was her life and it was because of him, now without relationship, she will find her world. He says she broke relationship and shouldn’t at least break heart now. She sees a couple taking selfie, takes Vanraj’s mobile, and says they didn’t take a selfie till now and with their new life, they should take a selfie and move on their own paths. She clicks a selfie with him and says she wants to be alone with him for 10 minutes.

Kavya happily takes selfies thinking she was waiting for the moment and it is the happiest day of her life. Back outside court, Vanraj thinks Anu left him here alone, what will he do now. Advaith/Adi walks to him and jokes that he should tell a poem Aksar Mai aur Meri Tanhai like Bachan Saheb. He signs congratulations and celebrations. Vanraj says he is just divorced. Adi says nobody likes plaster on broken legs, but friends write something on it. Vanraj asks what is he doing here. Adi says he came to Ahmedabad to pick up his patient’s test reports. Vanraj asks then why didn’t he accompany them. Adi says then they needed time alone as a couple and now shouldn’t be left alone after divorce, they need a silky hair friend whether he likes or not and will ferry them back. He asks about Anu. Vanraj says even he is waiting for her. Adi says someone’s words become a medicine and someone else’s silence.

Anu sits on a bench and remembers judge granting divorce and she returning her mangalsutra to Vanraj. She wipes her cheeks and feeling relaxed stands up again. She finds a good luck key chain on floor and thanks Kanhaji for encouraging her. Serial’s title track plays in the background. Adi asks Vanraj how is he feeling after becoming single. Vanraj asks he himself is single. Adi jokes that he is into a relationship with his dark black hair. They both laugh. Anu walks back to them. Adi says he will inform her later why he came here, now they will have something at a tea stall. Anu walks with Vanraj and says she can.

Baa hearing about Samar’s idea scolds him. Samar says there should be a change after divorce and house should be where mummy is. Kavya thinks what Samar must be planning, excitedly calls Vanraj, and finds his mobile not reachable.

Adi offers tea and toast to Anu and goes aside to make a call. Vanraj asks Anu to have tea and toast and then medicine. She asks if he brought her medicine. He knew that one who takes care of everyone would definitely forget her own medicine. Anu says she is getting angry on him. He asks if its because he gave medicine on time. She says he is late by 25 years, and if he had given this bitter medicine then, their relationship wouldn’t have been bitter now; she then apologizes for taunting him. He says respect is gone after he is no more her husband. she says respect is still intact. Adi gets concerned hearing about Anu’s reports and says he needs them ASAP. Anu sees Kavya’s call and asks Vanraj to pick it. He picks it. She happily congratulates him and says she is eager to meet him now, hears waiter delivering order and yells if he has gone on a date with Anu. He disconnects call saying he will return and speak. She thinks he must have stopped at a restaurant on the way home, so she shouldn’t spoil her mood. Vanraj calls Adi to join them. He signals mobile. Anu says she can understand what he is feeling as their house is broken and how will they handle it, but he has whole family with him. He says even she is not alone as they are all with him; he didn’t want to divorce her, though he was a bad husband, he didn’t want to deny her when he asked something for the first time; divorce doesn’t mean he will leave her alone, he will be with her until she gets well completely. She says their ways are different now, so they should concentrate on their ways. She shows him good luck key chain. He says it means Kanhaji is with her. She says he is always with her. Adi gets tensed reading Anu’s reports and thinks how to inform her about it as she ahs gone through divorce just now.

Precap: Kavya gives wedding card to Baa and says they shouldn’t delay wedding when Vanraj is divorce now. Anu walks to another cottage saying when she is divorced, it’s her new home.


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