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Baa tells Anu and Anuj that someone turns into ananymous if he/she doesn’t have a call and dating turns into disgraceful if it doesn’t have a call, so that they ought to provide a call to their dating to benefit recognize from the society and quit all of the problems. She asks Anuj if he surely loves Anu and while he brazenly can explicit his love in the front of her family, he ought to fill sindhoor in her hairline and marry her. She then provokes children, Bapuji, and GK that they ought to be satisfied with this marriage after which begins offevolved humiliating Anu that she might be defamed and man or woman assassinated if he doesn’t fill sindhoor in her hairline. Anu requests to forestall. Baa maintains scary Anuj. Anuj alternatives sindhoor and applies tika on her brow instead. Anu receives stunned however then relaxes seeing tika instead.

Anuj tells Baa that he doesn’t care approximately society and Baa’s questioning and best Anu’s desire topics to him. Baa says she can’t apprehend his excessive talks. He says its a one-sided love and best he loves Anu and she or he will in no way love him. She says humans will humiliate their dating. Anuj says he doesn’t care, he can observe sindhoor and make her a devi and now no longer a biwi/spouse; he in addition says she insulted herself and sindhoor via way of means of gambling this reasonably-priced game; a dating with out love is in no way regularly occurring and he’ll in no way shame Anu with this type of dating, etc.

Anu confronts Baa and asks why she continues to be adamant, why can’t Anuj be her buddy while Devika may be her buddy. Baa shouts Anuj has emotions for her. She says Anuj and her dating is a natural friendship with none sin, so she ought to spare them. Baa says she gave them a threat to close everyone’s mouth, however they’re lecturing her. Samar asks why is she interfering in mummy’s lifestyles while she already left Shah residence. Baa says they’re interfering her lifestyles and happiness, her residence is darkish due to them. Mamaji says if she is pointing 1 finger at them, her three palms are pointed closer to herself. She warns him to close his mouth otherwise she can be able to slap him and maintains humiliating them.

Bapuji loses his calm and says he constantly taken into consideration a spouse as a lifestyles companion and now no longer a servant, he tolerated all her nonsense until now and now he can’t and orders her to get out of his daughter’s dance academy and his warehouse. Baa replies who’s he to kick her out and reminds all of the sacrifices she made for his residence and were given an embarrassment in return. He says she were given his silence in return’ her tongue is bitter, even then he didn’t say her anything; humans used to chortle on him, he turned into silent seeing her sacrifice, however now no longer nowadays and asks her once more to get out of here. She denies and maintains humiliating Anu. He warns her now no longer to take his daughter’s call. She asks what is going to he do then. Kavya thinks those oldies get quick of breath on foot some steps, however have stamina to fight.

Anu attempts to forestall Baa and requests now no longer exaggerate the issue. Baa maintains humiliating Bapuji and says she he didn’t have cash to rent a rickshaw after their marriage and she or he had to stroll five miles to attain his residence, his mom simply gave advantages and father 1.25 rs, he gave her Ramayan and now no longer even a unmarried silver article. Bapuji says he turned into poor. She asks why did he marry then and maintains that he couldn’t even provide right schooling to this children, her son needed to begin operating from 14 to fund Dolly’s research as his father turned into uncapable, she needed to run the residence in his four hundred rs revenue which can’t even purchase a begging pot, her son were given her daughter married otherwise her daughter could were single until now, etc. Anu says if she and her son have sacrificed a lot, even Bapuji poured his coronary heart out and fulfilled all his responsibilities, etc. Baa warns her to close up and now no longer intrude among her and her husband. Mamaji attempts to forestall her next, however she shouts that he’s incompetent saala/BIL of an incompetent jija and shuts his mouth.

Precap: Baa orders Bapuji that she can be able to rule over his residence and karkhana from hereon and he ought to simply nod yes.
Bapuji breaks down. Anu consoles him and takes him to her residence. Kavya thinks she ought to set matters proper earlier than Vanraj returns and produce Bapuji lower back home.
Anu tells Anuj that she desires to get lower back her father’s recognize.


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