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Anuj pleads Anupama now no longer to depart him once more, wakes up, and realizes it changed into his terrible dream. He gasps for air. GK rushes to him, calms him down, and asks if the wish got here in his dream once more. Anuj says he could have dealt with if wish had are available in his dream, however it got here in his heart; he felt worry while he noticed Anu’s image together along with his own circle of relatives; why he’s fearing dropping some thing which isn’t his. GK says wish in dream vanishes while dream is finished, however wish in listen by no means is going away, so he need to discover ways to stay with wish. On the opposite side, a person barges into Nandini’s residence and kidnaps her. Next morning, Pakhi walks right all the way down to residing room upon getting equipped for college and is surprised to look her mother and father conserving sorry balloons, apologizing her, and thanking her for making them realise their mistakes. Family gathers. Kavya says they need to strive now no longer to create any drama at domestic once more. Baa says even she is available in a person. Pakhi takes his parent’s promise now no longer to combat once more and asks them to shake hands. They do equal and pamper her. Pakhi fortunately dances with them. Ittisi Khushi, Itti Hasi.. music performs withinside the background. Others be a part of them.

Anuj drives vehicle toward workplace. GK asks if he’s fine. Anuj asks now no longer to talk about approximately the day past night time and recites shayari. GK says this difficulty will now no longer clean easily, he can stay in denial if he wishes to; he feels Vanraj despatched Kavya as a undercover agent to their workplace. Anuj says that is lifestyles and now no longer a every day soap, he is aware of Vanraj who will now no longer backstab. GK asks him to be cautious. Anuj says he need to be cautious of himself and could now no longer permit whatever incorrect taking place to Anu. GK asks if its due to Kavya and says he’s going to exercise dandiya from nowadays as dandiya and dance is in his Gujrati blood. Anuj concurs to take him to dandiya occasion and says he’s going to now no longer invite Anu aleven though as he truely doesn’t need any greater drama in his lifestyles.

Pakhi leaves for college fortunately hugging her mother and father. Vanraj leaves for his cafeteria. Kinjal asks Anu additionally to wait workplace as she ought to be having lots of work. Bapuji backs her and says he’s going to publicize of their colony approximately cooking opposition in order that ladies who want to take part can be a part of the opposition. Baa says no want for that as different daughters and DILs can also additionally locate Anuj like Anu. Anu feels unhappy and leaves in lieu of having curd from shop. She walks on street while she sees Nandini leaving domestic together along with her bag and asks what’s happing. Nandini hides, however Anu catches her and that they play cover and are trying to find with mom in formative years and now no longer in adulthood, wherein is she going. Nandini says she goes to US. Anu asks how can she with out informing anyone, what happened. Nandini says if she doesn’t go back to US, Rohan will kill Samar; he belongs to a effective rich own circle of relatives and threatened to kill Samar if she doesn’t comply with him; she can’t stay with out Samar and could die if some thing takes place to Samar. Anu stops her. Nandini says they’ve reflect onconsideration on Samar’s lifestyles, so permit her pass; she want now no longer fear approximately her as she is wearing their memories. Anu leaves her hand.

Vanraj walks to Kavya and recollects Kavya’s taunt and Anu’s advice. He sits subsequent to her and smiling at her says allow us to begin afresh, all of the fine for her new job. Kavya thank you her and says she desires to begin after Navratri. Nandini receives Samar’s name and ignores it. Anu holds her hand and says she can be able to now no longer permit her pass as she isn’t best Samar’s however additionally her mom, her kids are her lifestyles and if a person attempts to eye on her kids, she can be able to enucleate him. Nandini says she doesn’t recognise who Rohan’s father is. Anu says he doesn’t recognise who Samar’s father is, a person who can combat with out a cause will combat with a global for his kids, they need to pass and tell him. Nandini resists and pleads now no longer to tell uncle and Baa otherwise Rohan can also additionally kill Samar. Anu says allow us to see what Rohan can do. Nandini maintains pleading mentioning Baa’s drama. Vanraj calls chef Vinod and apologizes him for his misbehavior. Vinod concurs and asks now no longer to copy it once more. Vanraj thank you Pakhi for making him realise his mistake. Nandini maintains pleading. Anu says she can be able to now no longer tell them now, however will should as soon as Samar returns; thinks she desires to tell approximately it to Samar’s father as he’s going to guard his kids, however she can’t go away Nandini alone. She asks Nandini to be together along with her constantly and says she can be able to now no longer permit Rohan’s shadow on her kids.

Precap: During cooking opposition, Anu encourages contestant together along with her speech. Later she with Anuj, Kinjal, and Nandini dances on Dil Bole Hadippa…music and forestalls noticing a person..


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