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Kavya selects a track for her faculty occasion dance performance and performs it for anu. Anu says she knows this tune as she heard it in radio the day past and asks if she desires to rehearse on it. Kavya asks her to relaxation first as she got here home simply now and thanks her for assisting papa/vanraj; says she is young but can apprehend troubles, she felt proper whilst papa smiled yesterday; she is likewise happy that she is staying at home as she is satisfied that she is staying with her both dad and mom even after divorce and hopes papa remains peacefully with kavya without any fight and his all dreams come real.

Anu says why now not whilst his entire own family is with him. Pakhi asks her to relaxation and leaves. Kavya thinks though her and vanraj’s dating broke, she desires vanraj and children’s bonding to be strong all the time. After sometime, anu serves tea for own family. Baa asks her to join them. Kinjal asks baa if toshu didn’t return yet. Mamaji asks who is toshu. Baa scolds him. Toshu enters with rakhi. Mamaji jokes again. Baa asks her to come on twenty second august on rakhi day and now not ruin their happiness now. Rakhi says she doesn’t like jokes. Baa says she doesn’t like her. Kinjal asks rakhi why did she come. Rakhi says she got here to speak and informs that she has transferred her pent residence in toshu and kinjal’s name. Baa asks kinjal if they’re shifting. Kinjal says now not but decided.

Toshu says they have. Vanraj asks anu if she knew approximately it. Kavya reacts next, but vanraj shuts her mouth. Anu says she heard kinjal and rakhi’s communique and said its higher to stay manner from family happily in preference to staying sad collectively. Baa says she divided the residence and wants to divide the circle of relatives. Anu says it doesn’t be counted what we think, most effective youngsters’s happiness topics. Kinjal and toshu’s argument begins. Kavya asks vanraj to show his maintain on his youngsters and organize them to close up.

Vanraj says even we do equal. Anu asks kinjal and toshu to go and discuss of their room and not openly in the front of anyone. Vanraj asks toshu why did he take this kind of big selection without consulting him. Kavya says its toshu’s mil’s concept. Rakhi says when kinjal’s mil doesn’t think about every body, at least she has to reflect onconsideration on toshu and kinjal. Kavya says she is egocentric. Rakhi say this is kavya’s area of expertise. Bapuji indicates that everybody has right to live the way they prefer. Rakhi asks till while they may follow the joint family rule and now not permit youngsters live on their very own. Vanraj says he by no means desires to go away from bapuji.

Toshu says there may be a technology hole among them, he appreciate papa’s difficult paintings and sacrifice, however can’t come to be like him. Samar says he’s overreacting. Toshu says he learnt it from his own family and says divorce become taken into consideration wrong in our residence, but their dad and mom divorced and whilst they are able to stay one at a time, why can’t we live one by one from own family; we like family and they can visit every other regularly. Baa says this residence is big enough to accommodate all of them.

Toshu says its filling and he doesn’t discover any privateness in any respect, kinjal is busy in workplace complete day and in kitchen at home, complete day baa’s television quantity is high, baa and bapuji’s jokes, kavya’s drama, and now mamaji joined them; he’s tired of day by day drama and wishes some peace; he loves all of them, however feels suffocated in this house. Anu asks him to stop. Rakhi says he stated proper.

Anu says his manner of expression is incorrect, how will toshu feel if samar complains he lost his privateness with kinjal’s access; he can depart peacefully in preference to fighting, she didn’t know he and kinjal have such a lot of troubles on this residence. Kinjal says we could talk this difficulty some different time.

Anu says it have to cease it today in any other case it’s going to preserve each day, and so on. Mamaji says he’s going to leave the residence in the event that they have a hassle with him. Bapuji scolds him now not to say that as he stays in their heart and not domestic; says if toshu and kinjal have decided, they may be free to depart. Vanraj asks how an they. Bapuji says when the coronary heart is out, they can not maintain the frame at home, so permit toshu cross if he desires to. Rakhi says in the event that they have determined. Kinjal says they haven’t yet.

Rakhi says they should check the flat to decide and says lets go. Kinjal and toshu follow her. Anu cries and imagines them leaving the residence. Baa consoles her and says she will be able to apprehend the way it feels whilst a son leaves domestic. Anu says they have got just long past to test the house and allow us to see after they clearly leave the house. Vanraj says how can they allow his son go away the house. Anu says its higher to stay below specific roofs peacefully than live below identical roof unhappy with a tarnished dating.

Vanraj says she is right. Mamaji jokes. Samar says once they have long past to check residence, let us all go to karkhana/manufacturing facility and checks its decor. Pakhi says she has venture and kavya says she is not in a temper. Vanraj tells kavya that he needs her proposal.

She says some other time. Circle of relatives goes to get ready. Vanraj tells anu that rakhi took away toshu as soon as and all over again may additionally take him away. Anu says toshu is not a child to be taken away, he can take his very own choices, allow us to go and test their dream place.

Precap: pakhi waits for anu for dance practice. Kavya brainwashes her that samar is anu’s first priority and pakhi’s variety comes even after nandini. Anu fails to call pakhi due to community trouble.


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