Anupama 15th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupama serves halwa blended with chocolate to Anuj. Anuj asks what form of mixture is this. She says he likes chocolate and she or he likes halwa, so she blended them each. He says that is great mixture. Samar noticing them guffawing thank you Kanhaji for protective their friendship. Anu says she desires to depart workplace early nowadays as she desires to carry out pooja at residence and dance academy after pooja. He says even he desires to head domestic early for pooja otherwise GK will scold him. Samar hopes they unite as a pair sooner or later soon. Ek Duje Ke Vaaste.. music performs withinside the background. On the opposite side, Kavya calls Vanraj, however he doesn’t select out name and subsequently she messages him to name lower back wondering its her first diwali after marriage and he isn’t together along with her due to Anu and Anuj and she or he is aware of what to do with out anyone’s fear.

Anu receives prepared for diwali pooja and thinks kids and Bapuji have to carry out pooja with Baa and they are able to dance together along with her after that during dance academy. GK sees Anuj satisfied and asks reason. Anuj says now there may be no guilt of hiding his mystery from Anu, now there may be handiest friendship among them with each agree with and respect. Anu plays devi maa’s aarti at the same time as Shah own circle of relatives plays aarti with unhappy faces. Kavya thinks why they’re behaving like a person stole their kidneys even on pageant day. Anuj additionally plays pooja. After pooja, Baa says they’ll carry out pooja in Vanraj’s cafeteria next. Bapuji says he goes to Anu’s dance academy for pooja. She asks if he’ll now no longer be with own circle of relatives on pageant day. He says its celebrated in a ghar/residence and that is simply makaan/four walled shape now. Sanjay enters with candies and desires satisfied diwali to everybody. Kavya scoffs that she idea he wouldn’t come. He says he didn’t need to, however remembering Anu’s phrases that pageant and grudge don’t stroll collectively he got here. Baa asks approximately Dolly. He says she went to Anu’s residence, even he goes to bounce academy and gives carry to Bapuji. Bapuji, Samar, and Kinjal accompany him leaving Vanraj’s automobile for Baa, Toshu, and Kavya. Toshu stops Pakhi from going, however she leaves announcing she desires to have fun diwali with mummy. Toshu and Kavya blame Anupama for the state of affairs.

They all go to Anu’s dance academy. Anu notices Vanraj’s cafe closed and thinks she didn’t see Baa’s face for the primary time on diwali. Anuj enters and desires her satisfied diwali. She says equal to him. He says she is asking good. He sys even he’s as usual. He facilitates her set up lamps round dance academy and cafeteria compound. Their souls experience looking them collectively like a pair. Are re are ye kya hua maine na ye jaana.. music performs withinside the background. Baa reaches cafeteria and seeing lamps in compound trows them away shouting she don’t want her assist after she broke her own circle of relatives. Kavya and Toshu initiate her in opposition to Anu and asks her to quit this. Baa says she can be able to supply Anu and Anuj an uncommon provide and quit their courting. Samar and Pakhi’s nok jhok begins offevolved and Mamaji jokes on them. Anu and Anuj provide an explanation for their state of affairs and ask Bapuji and GK now no longer to misconceive them. Bapuji says they’re antique however now no longer previous and improve them with time.

Vanraj in his inn room misses Anu. Anu’s crew dances and enjoys on Jhoom Barabar Jhoom music. Baa crew receives jealous seeing that. Kavya asks Baa what’s her provide to Anu and Anuj. Baa walks to Anu and Anuj. Baa observed with the aid of using Dolly warn her to go back lower back if she desires to create a drama again. Baa says she got here to complete an crucial task, recalls all of the current fights after Anuj’s access, and says there are fights of their residence after Anuj’s access and she or he needs her own circle of relatives to be everyday like earlier than although they live separately; she desires to accurate all of the errors if Anuj and Anu need to. Anu says Baa is aware of she will be able to do something for own circle of relatives’s happiness and peace. Anuj says even he doesn’t need any trouble due to them and asks what have to they do. Everyone nervously look ahead to Baa’s reply. Baa suggests sindhoor and asks them to marry every other, leaving everybody in shock.

Precap: Baa tells Anuj that if he desires to guide Anu, he have to marry her as courting with none call is debauchery and he have to close her mouth with the aid of using marrying Anu. Anuj selections sindhoor and applies on Anu’s hairline.


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