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Anuj stops his vehicle seeing Anupama on foot on street. He receives out of vehicle nervously thinks she should have observed his confession via way of means of now. Anu reminisces Anu confessing his love for her. Anuj thinks seeing her calm, it doesn’t appear she is aware of approximately it, sorry he’ll say some thing in order to ruin her coronary heart.

At Shah residence, Baa whilst drawing rangoli needs shubh diwali to Bapuji. Bapuji says shubh/glad is incomplete and laabh/income can not show up with out shubh. Anuj tells Anu that he turned into going to her residence. She says even she turned into going to his residence to invite some thing. He nervously asks what she desires to ask. She says he loves her on the grounds that 26 years.

He says sure and apologizes for messing up her life, he desired to kind out issues, she ought to overlook it. She says how can she overlook in 26 hours while he couldn’t in 26 years. Bapuji asks Samar if some thing took place at domestic in his absence as Vanraj left domestic on Diwali and no person is answering him properly. Samar says he’ll make a name to mummy and walks away. Toshu warns him now no longer to inform Bapuji something. Samar asks if he fears that Bapuji will bless mummy and Anuj, he’s an ordinary imply son of Mr Shah.

Anuj apologizes Anu once more and says now no longer informing her 26 years in the past turned into his mistake and informing her own circle of relatives now’s his largest mistake, however loving her isn’t his mistake; he may be incorrect however now no longer his love. She asks if love isn’t incorrect, then why is he decreasing his eyes. He seems into her eyes and says Anuj loves Anupama on the grounds that 26 years and could preserve until he’s alive.

Anu says thanks for loving her immensely; she heard his and Vanraj’s communication closing night. Samar calls Anu and while she doesn’t choose name thinks she should have long gone to fulfill Anuj. He prays Kanhaji to shield Anu and Anuj’s friendship. Anu says she were given an electric powered surprise someday in the past, however the day prior to this surprise turned into larger than that; she turned into careworn whether or not to get indignant or sense ashamed of herself, however while Samar defined her, she understood. She asks how can all of us love all of us for 26 years with out seeing or assembly her;

even her love turned into one-sided, however she were given relationships and love in exchange; how can he love her so immensely with out looking ahead to something; she turned into ok in college, however now she is vintage with three children’s mom and a couple of MIL’s DIL whilst he’s nonetheless fit; she turned into assume what sort of love it’s far that it couldn’t be defeated via way of means of time or situations; she heard a tune in youth that their love is like clouds,

thunderstorm, water; his love is divine like Meera ji cherished Kanhaji; thanks for loving her and respecting her so much; she is aware of she doesn’t deserve it and its his greatness to preserve to like her for 26 years; his love is sort of a prayer, however she can not love him in go back and supply him best friendship in go back and ought to now no longer wish something from her.

He says he left wish while he noticed her as Vanraj’s spouse and on the grounds that then his courting with wish broke down; he had promised her now no longer to pass his restrict every time and could observe it until his closing breath for her friendship and to admire her trust. She says sure. He says it used to harm with every breath hiding her love in his coronary heart on the grounds that 26 years, he’s respiratory freely nowadays after 26 years; all way to her. She says this global will now no longer apprehend his love, however her Kanhaji and she or he apprehend it.

He says this is sufficient for him. He says their courting is greater than friendship and much less than love. She describes woman’s courting is limited together along with her parents’ and in-legal guidelines residence, their courting will now no longer be understood, however she respects their courting and wishes him to help her forever. He nods sure. She says allow us to begin a brand new courting on diwali that’s anonymous however now no longer meaningless, etc. They shake fingers for his or her new courting. Darmiyaan… tune performs withinside the background. He needs her glad diwali. She says allow us to begin new with new new year.

Precap: Baa after a protracted speak insists Anu and Anuj to marry every other.


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