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Vidya Balan has faced much criticism due to her weight. In an interview, Vidya expressed her pain and told how her weight had become a national issue. 42-year-old Vidya said, “It was very important for me to go through whatever I did. It was very public and humiliating at the time. I come from a non-film family. There was nobody to tell me that anybody The stage is not final. My weight had become a national issue. ”

‘Long hated your body’

Speaking to E-Times, Vidya further said, “I was always a fat girl. I would not say that my weight has never fluctuated and I have not bothered about it at all. But I have come a long way. I have had hormonal issues in my life. For a long time I hated my body. I felt that it betrayed me. In days when I was pressured to look my best, I would thrive and I would feel angry and frustrated Used to be. ”

How did you deal with the issue of body shaming?

When Vidya was asked how she dealt with the issue of body shaming, her reply was, “I started loving and accepting myself. People started accepting me more. They started to love and praise me.” Over time I accepted that my body was the only thing that kept me alive. Because the day the body stopped working, I would not be able to go anywhere. I am very grateful to my body. It It doesn’t matter what phase I have gone through, but I am because of this living body. ”

Active in the acting world since 1995

Vidya Balan, who received the National Film Award and Padma Shri, started her career with the TV show ‘Hum Paanch’ (1995). She made her Bollywood debut in 2005 with ‘Parineeta’. They were followed by ‘Lage Raho Munnabhai’ (2006), ‘Guru’ (2007), ‘Paa’ (2009), ‘The Dirty Picture’ (2011), ‘Kahani’ (2012), ‘Hamari Adhuri Kahani’ (2015) , Has appeared in many films like ‘Begum Jaan’ (2017) and ‘Mission Mangal’ (2019). His upcoming film is ‘Lioness’, which may be released this year.


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