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When Bhajan Samrat Anoop Jalota became a part of Bigg Boss 12, there was a lot of change in people’s thinking about them. The first offbeat Anup Jalota is now often in the headlines.

As it is understood from the title of the film, Jasleen is in the role of a student and Anoop has become her teacher. Love angle will be seen between the two. By the way, you will remember that once Anoop Jalota and Jasleen startled everyone by saying that they are in a relationship. Let’s talk about Anoop Jalota’s personal life and his relationship with his student Jasleen.

Anoop Jalota has done three weddings. His first wife’s name was Sonali Seth. Sonali was also a singer by profession. Both used to give live performance as well. The couple married without the consent of Anoop Jalota’s family. They were later divorced.

Anoop Jalota married Bina Bhatia for the second time. But this relationship did not last. Later both of them divorced. After this, Anoop Jalota married his third marriage to Medha Gujral. Medha was the niece of director Shekhar Kapoor’s first wife and former PM IK Gujral.

Anoop and Sonali also have a son from this marriage. Whose name is Aryaman. Medha died on 25 November 2014 due to illness.

The Bhajan Samrat, who always stayed away from the headlines, came into the limelight in 2018. He became a part of Bigg Boss 12. For this, he reached the show with his student Jasleen Matharu. Till then everything was fine.

But people were shocked when Jasleen revealed that she and Anoop Jalota are in a relationship. The news of Jasleen-Anoop’s dating created a sensation. The big reason for this was Jasleen’s anoop being 37 years younger than Jalota.

However, later it became known that it was a publicity stunt. After a lot of uproar, when both of them came out of Bigg Boss, they said that their relationship is just teacher and student. They have a musical relationship, not physical.

There were reports about Anoop Jalota that he had dated Israeli model Reena Golan. Reena wrote a book Dear Mr. Bollywood. In this, he mentioned the meeting and relationship with Anoop Jalota.

Reena made many big revelations about Aunap Jalota in her book. Told how married Anoop Jalota wanted to cheat his wife and stay with them.



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