Political parties, which consider themselves secular in the elections of West Bengal and Assam, are vying to get Muslim votes, but they are also trying to avoid polarization with a soft Hindutva strategy. The strategy of the anti-BJP parties in both Bengal and Assam is that they should be able to gain a decisive edge by securing outright Muslim votes. At the same time, efforts are being made to maintain the temple monastery to stop polarization in the name of Hindutva in favor of BJP. There is also an exercise to avoid accusations of appeasement and the image of the alleged pro-Muslim party.

Political analysts say that be it Mamata Banerjee in Bengal or Congress in Assam are doing all the work to stop polarization in favor of BJP. Mamta Banerjee had described herself as a Hindu. Chandipath was also done, but he also tried to help the Muslim class in Bengal in his favor by opposing the CAA. Experts say that Mamata is trying her best to avoid polarization of a particular religion on the basis of Bengali identity and self-respect. Because they know that if polarization happens, BJP can benefit from it.

On the other hand, the Congress in both Bengal and Assam has allied with such parties which are believed to be supporters of the Muslim class. The BJP has also been targeting the Congress’s alliance with the AIUDF in Assam and the ISF in Bengal. To break this image, Congress leaders in Assam have resorted to issues. Along with this, they have also visited temples to go among them to connect themselves with tribal culture.

Priyanka Gandhi had first worshiped at the Kamakhya Devi temple as she entered the campaign for Assam in the first phase and met local people in Lakhimpur, Assam and performed a tribal dance with her. The party is campaigning alone, but not with the alliance, in most areas. AIUDF leaders are confined in their areas of influence. With contradiction, how effective the strategy of anti-BJP parties will be will be decided after the vote. But on both sides, full emphasis is being given to tease each other.


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