Another Great Upheaval Is Inevitable, “A Model Where Brotherhood Reigns: Caste discrimination, social superiority, immorality, untouchability, etc. Campaigns and struggles to end the evils It has a long historical tradition. However, they are far from being completely eradicated. Indicate events in time. A legendary temple entry in the history of Kerala After 86 years since Na Vilambaram, times and the world has changed a lot. As a rule “Even today, Kera makes nonsense of the saying ‘Koren Kanji umbilical tanner. Status of Backward Section in Lath.

“A model where brotherhood reigns without any casteism, religious hatred, etc. The great message of Sree Narayana Gurudeva is that this is the place. The temple entry permit is still not available today. The historical objective is questionable. On Ezhavaradi Pinnaka Vibhagga, pass inside the temple and pray to God. Passing through the mouth of the shrine beyond the reach of money Shanam belongs to the denier.

To perform puja rituals inside the shrine and to meet the Lord Poonuldhari bras are used even today to converse and even in devaswam board temples. Only humans have the right and permission. The request to appoint Melshantis at Sabarimala Sannidhana and Malikappur Niba states that the applicant must be a Brahmin. Ndhana. Great temples like the Guruvayur temple also have shrines for Brahmins. The position is in the bow. Now God blesses anyone who is a Brahmin or a backward person. Even if appointed as Nthikkaran, the worshipers will not enter the shrine. In this digital age, the events that we have been told to do by corruption. is the stage.

For advanced departments in government service and educational institutions, the Central government decides to provide a 10 percent financial reservation A five-judge bench of the Supreme Court upheld the verdict. is becoming more prominent. Abiding by the judgment that caste reservation cannot continue for much longer Sham is a stressor. It is time to think about changing the caste reservation system. In the two-judge judgment in favor of the Munnakka reservation, coming Socially and educationally backward sections The question here is the future of reservation in Love. . Economic reservation was restricted to the forward sections only and its Benchi said that the advantage should be given to the poor in Dalit sections. A two-judge bench rejected the three-member majority bench.

Munakata Pawanga called economic reservation Schedule Caste, Schedules from reservations arranged for What is the justification for excluding the Central and Other Backward Sections? It was a question that had to be asked. DMK Government of Tamil Nadu Revision Petition Against Verdict All party meetings will be called to discuss the matter. Chukutan has also decided. But the situation in Kerala?

On 12 November 1936, the temple entry was approved by the Thiruvananthapuram Government. Yam is not only popular in other parts of Kerala, but also in the entire state. It is one. The leaders of the revival and the downtrodden sections of the people with the same feeling. The result of Tamiya’s long struggle is also who they are. This announcement paved the way for financial freedom. The campaign for social reform started in the first quarter of the 19th century. Revolutionary temple entry at the end of riots Lambaram happened. Although there was a militant background, social and Some components that are economical are also prone to issuing advertisements. It is a historical fact that Lakshakti acted.

Vaikum Satyagraha’s motto was freedom of travel in the temple routes. Khya is needed. But eventually, it evolves into an agitation for freedom of worship. Kaya was. Started in 1924, Vaikom Satyagraha was led by T.K. Madhavan a powerful Maharathana. With the intervention of Gandhiji, it turned into a big mass strike. Caste and religious discrimination only Kerala to win satyagraha Malla and other people also arrived. Manna Padmanabhan who led the Savarna Jatha and the Akalis from Punjab Dravidian leaders of Tamil Nadu also show solidarity for the struggle. was coming Worship of idols, the study of Vedas, and temple worship are for Brahmins only. Sree Narayana Gurudeva who broke the tradition of Kasa and T.K. Madhavan and C.V. Kunjuraman also stirred public opinion.

Vaikom Satyagraha is for freedom of movement on the temple premises. Even after the collapse, the temple and the palace were ready for compromise. No. In 1925, when Gandhi came to the Samavaya discussion, the temple made him a minister. Nambutiri was not picked up at home. Before he left, he sprinkled dung water over the place where the remains were sitting. “Clean and did. By 1930, they were able to enter the temple in Thiruvithamkur. La came. Denied the rights of a Hindu, even if he was a Hindu in the name. Organized by There Kvarner. The officials who came to collect the tax were insulted by the people. Tiwai. As the income decreased, the government was also under financial pressure. Beyond this, popular unrest and religious conversion Rthiya Velluvli. Although the advertisement was issued in 1936, it was actually in January 1937. Yat. On January 12, under the leadership of Gandhiji, Petavar Sripadma was awarded to all castes. It became a historic moment when Nabhaswamy entered the temple. Gandhiji then addressed the gathering at the army camp. His words were like this. “His and Savarna’s public opinion became stronger. If you have not made continuous efforts to reach If Lulu had all his mind, even the Maharaja would have this claim. It would have been impossible to make the announcement’.

The temple is because there was a community like the Ezhavas here. C. that there is an admission letter. What Rajagopalachari stated is not to be forgotten. If the party does not respect the public interest, the government will become evil. After hearing the voices of the common people, he entered the temple with Tirumanas. Dewan Sir C.P. has announced the announcement. Even Ramaswamy Iyer said openly that day. C.V. Kunjuraman has written this clearly.

Chinthaga that there will be no great benefit to the Ezhavas from the advertisement. C.V. seized the rights and powers of the negotiator, and thus Exceeded expectations of protecting community pride CV did not have any. More humiliating to the community than entering the temple. T was doing away with Maya’s rules and rituals. .K. The aim of Madhavan and C.V. In 1931, in the 28th annual general meeting of the SNDP meeting at Alappuzha, C. V’s speech was far-sighted.

“From where the Brahmin descends or from where one should ascend. We have a plan. Ezhava was not satisfied just by going there. He should see if the bell is ringing there. Otherwise, he went inside. Ezhava does not want the arrangement of standing outside the shrine. 28.50 lakh rupees are spent on this item in the year. Ezhava did not get even eight kas from this. We can see only the gunfire and the fire. Therefore, those who had no access to temple affairs The right should be given. The things CV said then are still important It is the lack of change that is taking Kerala’s renaissance backward. All the main temples are open to the devotees of Ezhavaradi even today. The position is the same.

Even Devaswam Board appointments are made by Munnakkas and Brahmins. It’s like a right. 10 percent financial reservation in all Devaswom board appointments With further engagements, the condition of the stragglers became direr. It is changing. Backward Section on the Anniversary of Temple Admission As part of a covert move to re-establish sovereignty over the Ye must also look at the new court verdict. We have to see this as the beginning of the calamity to come. This is the beginning of the return to the Chaturvarna system. You are the bringer of equality and sovereignty in the temples. Again in the Temple Entry Proclamation model against the number A great upheaval is inevitable here.


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