Ann August’s Grand Return! ‘Autorickshaw Driver’s Wife’ Gets Attention: Anne August’s ‘Autorickshawan’s Wife’, who won the hearts of the audience with Lal Jose’s ‘Elsamma Enna Boykay’, is gaining attention. In the film, you can see the eye-catching performance of Ann August, who returned to the film industry after a while. Suraj Venjaramood is the hero. Suraj has played the role of Sajeev. Radhika, the wife of autorickshaw driver Sajeev, has arrived in Augustine. Although Radhika tries to change her lazy and lazy husband into a responsible and serious one, she is unable to take the family forward as she expected. Being the wife of a husband who had no intention of going to work and earning money, it did not take long for the family to go into debt. Radhika tries to support her debt-ridden family. In such a special situation she goes on the road in an autorickshaw without looking ahead or behind. That’s where the movie takes a turn.

The audience saw Ann Augustian’s acting through ‘Elsamma Enna Boya’. When it comes to the ‘autorickshaw driver’s wife’ it is further confirmed. ‘Autorikshakaranre Siva’ is a movie that revolves around women’s empowerment. This is also a topic that we are always discussing these days. Through Radhika, Anne Augustine makes us understand that not only are there strong women, but all women are strong. I have heard people say that the reins of the family are in the hands of the woman. It does not mean that a woman rules the house, but that a woman knows how to lead a family. Here we can understand it through Radhika.

The film is directed by Harikumar, who wrote the story, screenplay, and dialogues of Mayyazhi’s own artist M Mukundan. The film ‘Autorikshakaranre Zhitha’ is based on the short story ‘Autorickshawer’s Wife’ published by Mathrubhumi Weekly and later turned into a book. After the film ‘Oruthi’, the film is produced by VK Abdul Nasser under the banner of Benzi Productions. Janardhanan in the film shot in and around Mahi

Manohari Joy, Kailash, Swastika, Sunil Sukhada, Jayashankar General, Mahesh, Baby Alaina Fidel, Amal Raj, Neena Kurup, Akam Ashokan, Satish General, Devi Ajith, Kabani, Dr. Rajith Kumar, Nandanunni, Ajay Kallai, Devraj Dev, Prashant Kanjiramattam, Kalabhavan Satish, Ajitha Nambiar, and Jayaraj Kozhikode are the other stars. This is a family film. Dream Big Films has released the film. Cinematography: Azhakappan. Image editing: Ayub Khan. Music: Ousepachan. Lyricist: Prabhavarma. Stills: Anil Perampra. Art Direction: Tyagu Tavanur. Costume Design: Nisar Rahmat. Makeup: Rahim Kodungallur. Production Controller: Shaji Patelkara. PRO: Manju Gopinath.


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