Anju Parvathy Prabhish Criticizes The Woman Who Came On The Tour Laughing And Laughing With Police Moms: There has been widespread criticism of the behavior of the police in the case of taking evidence with Greeshma, the main accused in the Sharon murder case, a native of Parashala. Anju Parvathy Prabhish has come forward with severe criticism regarding this issue.

In her Facebook post, Anju asks why a woman who killed a poor boy by mixing poison in a potion is being tied up like a model and brought to the evidence like a picnic, and who came on a tour with her moms laughing and laughing.

Recently, three boys (they seem to be brothers) were brought to trial like criminals for trapping a wild boar on their own farm. It is in such a country that a woman who killed a poor boy by mixing poison in the potion is tied up like a model and brought to a picnic as evidence. She is a suspect in a murder case.

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But is she cursed? Hey no! Because she is a rank holder and smart. ! OK. But does the body language of the suspect show guilt or fear of the police? Hey! why What is the fear of the woman who came on the tour with the police moms and laughed; What regret? Because she is bold and fine in police language!

It’s no wonder what a world this is. Bhai has been here for some days! Police stations and jails are comfort zones for anyone with money, influence, and privilege. This is a land where no one is willing to witness the murder of a man who robbed Nazhi rice due to hunger and even after seeing all the accused in the selfie. Where the children who hanged themselves in Walayar did not get justice, this and beyond will happen.

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In this country, where driving without a helmet, killing wild animals that destroy farmland without knowing it, and drinking porridge at an Anganwadi is a heinous crime, call a poor boy who has done nothing wrong at home and make him drink the poison of cheating wrapped in love, and then spend twenty-four days in agony as his internal organs decay one by one.

As he dies inch by inch, he and his family plan play to fool the police. Despite going to the police station, get a suspension for three policemen by performing a suicide drama. The woman who has done so much without even the slightest hint of guilt is being escorted by police uncles like tourist guides in a shelter.

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Seeing all this, one thing is certain. She will get off easy from this case. You can see that confidence in her. The Kerala police, who only see the rank of a criminal and her smartness and boldness, will give a clean chit to her crime if she goes like this. The version coming tomorrow will probably be that she has a mental illness. When the story of astrology and superstition came to the fore, personal scenes came to the story. When that is not done, mental illness will come. look!

The poor boy named Sharon is heartbroken when he realizes that he loved this bona fide criminal woman all his life. Looks like the baby is gone for good. If that baby had come back to life with half-burnt internal organs from the hospital, it would have blown my mind. Even when he was lying half-burnt in the hospital bed, he cried out, “Wave, don’t you forget me?” That baby would have burned inch by inch with self-loathing when he realized that it was a female form full of monstrosity.

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But, my child, you have lived a poor boy in this world. A boy named Sharon has actually been killed twice. Once a demon poisoned a love pot and killed it inch by inch. Now, the execution of justice, which is enraptured by the swindler’s concubine, and pampering her as Aruma, has once again killed the boy’s soul.



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