Anita Hasanandani is enjoying her pregnancy period these days and keeps sharing posts with Baby Bump on social media. Now recently, Anita has shared some of her photos, through which the actress told how she had hidden baby bump till now. Actually, Anita had shared many of her pictures even before announcing her pregnancy, but those pictures did not show the baby bump of the actress.

Now Anita told how she had hidden her baby bump from the pictures. If you look at these photos of Anita, you will find that she wore loose outfits in which baby bump is not visible.

At the same time, he clicked some pictures from this angle, due to which the baby bump was not visible. While sharing these photos, Anita wrote, “Four times I made my flowers flower by hiding my baby bump.”

Anita will keep her name if she has a son

Anita recently told that if she had a son, we will name her Ravi. Explaining the reason, Anita said, ‘Rohit’s father’s name was Ravi. Rohit’s father was hospitalized only a few days after the news of pregnancy. He died a few days later. Rohit believes that his father is coming back as a child. If we have a son, we will name him Ravi ‘.

Actress said this on becoming a mother at the age of 39

Anita had expressed her opinion on becoming a mother at the age of 39. He told that age is just a number and it does not matter to them. Anita also says that people told her that there are problems in becoming a mother at this age, but according to the actress, what is written in Naseeb is the same.



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