Nagin fame Anita Hasanandani is having a pregnancy period these days. Anita has recently given her opinion about becoming a mother at the age of 39. He told that age is just a number and it does not matter to them. Anita also says that people told her that there are problems in becoming a mother at this age, but the actress says that what happens in luck is bound to happen.

In fact, in an interview to E-Times, Anita said about being pregnant at this age, ‘I never heard of age in my mind. Many people told me that it would be very difficult. But as soon as I conceived naturally, I realized that age is just a number. ‘

Anita said, ‘You just have to be mentally and physically fit. Whatever is written in luck, it happens. Today I and Rohit are mentally and financially settled, so we agreed to have a child. ‘

Anita further said, ‘The situation of Kovid is quite serious at the moment, but if God has planned something for you then everything will be good. Just keep calm and everything goes smoothly. ‘

Earlier in an interview, Anita was asked how did you and Rohit feel that this is the perfect time to become parents? Anita said, ‘To be honest, we were planning this. We knew from the beginning of this year that 2020 is the right time and I think it all happened at the right time. God planned everything very beautifully. ‘

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Asked Anita how was her family reacting after hearing this news? Anita said, ‘They all became emotional and also happy. They had mix emotions, but were happier. ‘

Anita further said, ‘A new beginning is about to happen. We have a lot to do. It is just the beginning.


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