Anil Kapoor, who strictly follows the diet-chart, says the actor likes burgers and am crazy for French fries

Bollywood veteran actor Anil Kapoor has revealed that he likes different food for different moods. The 64-year-old actor says that he likes to try different cuisines and special items of his country. Anil told in an interview that he likes all kinds of food.

Question: What is your favorite dish?

Answer: Different foods for different moods. In fact, I myself have not yet decided what my favorite food is. I do not care about the shape, color or form of any good food, good food, only good food, whatever it may look like.

Question: According to you, where is the food capital of India?

Answer: Amchi Mumbai! I may be biased, but there is no doubt that the food culture in Mumbai has evolved a lot in the last decade .. With so many new restaurants and talented chefs, it is now a haven for all foodies.

SAWAL : Do you try the local food of the places you visit?

Answer: I like to try different cuisines and special items from every country and whenever I come here again I discover my favorite food! My manager Jalal researches the famous food items of those countries / cities first, then tells me.

Question: Do you eat fast food? How often and how do you compensate?

Answer: I eat junk food! I love burgers and love to eat chips, french fries.

Question: Do you follow the diet-chart strictly?

Answer: I follow a good diet-chart which is important for my health. These days I am following the 24-hour fasting rule once a week. But my diet also depends on how my work day is, busy or low. .. Honestly, I keep changing things about food. This is very important for breaking monotony.

Question: Do you also cook occasionally?

Answer: I usually do not cook food myself, but if I had time, I would love to cook and I am sure that then the food would have been something else.


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