Bollywood veteran actor Anil Kapoor has given a new and lovely gift to his wife Sunita Kapoor. To celebrate his wife’s birthday, Anil gifted him a brand new Mercedes car. Outside Anil’s house, Paparaji has seen a new car. It is a deep black colored Mercedes Benz GLS, which currently costs around one crore rupees.

Sunita Kapoor is very happy to receive this gift. He also worshiped the Mercedes Benz found in the gift. A garland of flowers appeared on this car parked outside the house. Earlier, Anil Kapoor wished Sunita a birthday through a social media post and shared her many pictures with Sunita and revealed her feelings.

See the picture of the gifted car here

Anil Kapoor gave such a expensive car as a gift on his wife Sunita Kapoor’s birthday, you will be surprised to know the price

Birthday note written for wife

Sharing these pictures, Anil Kapoor wrote, “For the love of my life, Sunita Kapoor … From the journey of a bogey of a third class train to a local bus, from a rickshaw to a black yellow taxi, from flying to economy to business From first class seats, to small and strange hotels in villages like Karaikudi in the south to living in a tent in Leh-Ladakh, we have done it all with a smile on our face and love in our hearts. These are some of the reasons why I love you. ”

See here Anil Kapoor’s birthday wish post-

Having such a partner, Khusnasibi

Anil Kapoor further wrote, “You are the reason for my smile, and because of you, the journey with us is so happy and fulfilling. I am very happy that you came into my life as my soul mate and partner of life. Today, every Day and always, Happy Birthday. Love always. ”


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