Dalit teenager living in a village in Chitrakoot in Uttar Pradesh,  hanged on Tuesday morning after being angered by the gangrape. On Wednesday morning, the arrival of people of BSP-Congress and several organizations increased the heat. The family also raised the blame for the police and demanded immediate arrest of the accused. As tension increased, the police closed all the roads leading to the village and stopped the entry of people. At the same time, in this case, Inspector Karvi Jaishankar Prasad and Saraiya Outpost incharge Anil Sahu were suspended for negligence.

According to the victim’s mother, on October 8, the village boy Kishan Upadhyay lured the daughter. Kishan and his two companions raped the daughter by taking her to the village bar. On returning from the farm, if the daughter was not found at home, searched around, she was found in a nursery where hands and feet were tied. It is alleged that the post was informed to the police but the police did nothing, although the police said that even after the demand of Tahrir, the family did not give anything in writing and told them not to do anything.

On Tuesday morning, when the teenager was hanged, the family accused Kishan of Saggaon and two unidentified accomplices of gang rape on him and said that he got hanged due to this. The police reached the post-mortem of the teenager and filed a report of abetment and rape against three youths, naming Kishan Upadhyay.

After news spread on Wednesday morning, people started reaching the village, workers of BSP and Congress and then people from some organizations reached. The police became cautious as the tension with the crowd increased in the village. All the police officers including DIG Banda reached the village. After this, the police started stopping the people by putting barriers at places including the village lines Tiraha, Hivara, Kharundh Mor, Saraiya towards the village.

The police pressured the family to cremate them soon, but the father said they would perform the last rites if more people from outside came. And after the arrival of the people, the family said that the daughter is small, so instead of burning it in the pyre, she will bury it. After this, the pyre was adorned on one side, JCB on the other side was called for digging the pit. At the moment, the heat is on, the police has laid siege to the situation due to tensions in the village and increasing crowds.

The DM told the family that all the accused have been arrested. Earlier some organizations created a ruckus with slogans over the incident and tried to block the Karvi-Manikpur main road.


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