Andhra Pradesh: That Relationship, Death Warrant For The Husband: Extra-marital relationship. Death decree is written for the marriage relationship. Addicted to alcohol husband. In addition to harassment, obsession with the boyfriend is permanent in marital relationship

Extra-marital relationship. Death decree is written for the marriage relationship. Addicted to the abuse by the alcoholic husband, the infatuation with the boyfriend destroyed the marital relationship forever. She killed her husband with her boyfriend.. and then pretended nothing happened.. finally admitted her mistake and went behind bars. Moreover, in order to solve the financial problems, she told the police investigation that she decided to take nude photos and put them on YouTube because she was fed up with her husband. How did the confident man take his life..? How did she plan to kill her husband..?

Vidya Vanipalem under New Port Police Station of Visakhapatnam. Everyone is going for a walk in the morning. Meanwhile, a dead body disturbed everyone. The matter has spread. The police received the information. Meanwhile, when the wife came to know about the matter, she saw her husband’s dead body and wept bitterly. The police entered the field. While moving the dead body to the mortuary. Andi Babu surrendered her husband to her..! My husband will be cut into pieces if taken to the mortuary. The wife begged me not to do this to the dead body of my life husband. If cut. Sean Sitar. The cunning mentality behind the wife’s cries is revealed. The police investigation revealed that she killed her husband and then pretended nothing happened.

Married to a lorry driver.. with him..!

Apparao, a lorry driver, lives with his wife and children in Vani Palem, Pedagantyada. Even though Apparao was an alcoholic, he spent his salary on drinking. Due to this, financial problems started at home. Their wife Uma joined work. Uma came into contact with Venkata Reddy, who runs a security agency. In this order, she became acquainted with her husband Apparao. Venkata Reddy used to come home regularly.

The sketch is like that..!

Venkata Reddy, who fully knew the situation in Apparao’s house, used to trap Uma. Uma tells Venkata Reddy that she is facing severe financial difficulties as her husband is not paying attention to household responsibilities. Venkata Reddy helped a family who was suffering from financial difficulties. In addition, in a drunken stupor, Uma told Venkata Reddy that she could no longer stay with her husband as he told her that he was harassing her often. She suggested that her husband Apparao should be terminated somehow to remove the obstacle. With this, wife Uma planned to kill her husband along with her boyfriend.

Venkata Reddy called Apparao out for work on Saturday when he returned home from duty. CCTV cameras were purchased and installed in Visakhapatnam. After finishing work in a bar in Chinna Gantiada, Venkat Reddy, Apparao along with security guard Simhachalam drank alcohol. After that, the three came together to VKR Towers in Gajuwaka 80 Feet Road. As Simhachalam was working as a security guard there, the three spent some time together in the cellar. Venkata Reddy decided to kill Apparao who was in a drunken stupor. Venkata Reddy hit Apparao on the head three times with a wooden window. Apparao collapsed there and lost his life.

Murder in one place. Dead body in another place..!

After confirming that Apparao was dead, the body was moved on a motorcycle with the help of Simhachalam. They dropped it off at midnight at Veyyabuanipalem Sulab Complex service road. Venkata Reddy used to convey the things that happened to Uma over the phone from time to time. At dawn on Sunday, the dead body caused a stir in the area. Pretending to know the matter, Uma Boruna wailed as she reached Bharata’s dead body. Suspicious of his wife’s behavior, the police tracked Venkata Reddy on the basis of her cellphone call data. With this, the case of wife Uma, who played a key role in her husband’s murder, came to light. When she was also caught and interrogated, the truth came out. During the police investigation, Venkata Reddy and Uma tried to mislead. The police went there after the accused said that they had committed the murder at first. The police did not find any signs of the murder there. With this, once again the police questioned and questioned in their own style. Finally, the accused showed the spot where the murder took place. The police have collected all the evidence. The police have arrested Apparao’s wife Uma, her boyfriend Venkata Reddy, and Simhachalam who helped to move Mata’s body.

To take nude photos..!

But Uma, who advised her boyfriend to kill her husband, revealed another aspect in the police investigation. She told the police that her husband had not been paying the house rent for four months and was not even bringing rice to eat. She told the police that her husband Apparao harassed her and that she would get money if she uploaded nude photos on YouTube to meet her financial needs. CI Ramu says that his wife Uma said in the police statement that she could not tolerate his words and took this decision.

The police closed the case within 24 hours of the incident. In the background of moving the dead body for post-mortem… Uma’s behavior made the police suspicious. Accused in the murder case. Uma, who was infatuated with her boyfriend, killed her husband on the pretext that he was harassing her and wrote the death warrant for the three-pronged relationship. Finally, it was closed. On the other hand, the father was murdered.. and the mother went behind bars.. and their children became orphans.

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