If there is a problem, someone will solve it. Otherwise temporary relief measures will be taken. No matter how much people complain to the authorities here..

If there is a problem, someone will solve it. Otherwise temporary relief measures will be taken. No matter how much people complained to the authorities here, they did not pay attention or they themselves made temporary alternative arrangements. However, that too being dangerous, the authorities removed the existing alternative when the media broadcasted to solve the problem of the people. Officials responded to a series of articles in the media. However, the existing wire bridge was also destroyed by the police. Villagers are risking their lives and walking in the stream. Children have to travel an additional distance of 8 kilometers to go to school. So.. the villagers made an innovative attempt to cross the stream. A wire bridge was built over the stream. When the same thing was aired in the media, the local police came and pulled the wire bridge. Will you build a new permanent bridge? That means there is no answer. The local people are very angry. They will not do it.. If they do, they will react like this.

Thirty to forty families are living in Bandamamidi village, Rampachodavaram mandal, Allur district. All of them together are up to four hundred people. They may be for essentials.. may be for school.. to go to Rampachodavaram daily.. have to go back and forth. This distance is up to 8 kilometers. They appealed to the authorities to build a bridge over the river, but they ignored it. So the people of the village built a wire bridge. It is a single wire bridge. Villagers and students are often injured due to this. TV9 broadcasted a series of articles on this topic. Officials responded to this. If not, it causes another problem for the villagers. The demand of the villagers is to build a bridge over the stream here. But ignoring this demand, the action of the police has pushed us into more trouble.

For the past three years, the villagers have built a wire bridge for themselves as they are unable to walk through this stream. The article broadcast by TV9 is that there are life-threatening situations if you go over this wire. Alarmed by these stories, the officials rushed to the river and the wire bridge was also PKC. Restrictions have been imposed that you cannot go through this route.

Bridge should be built..

This is not what is supposed to happen here. A permanent bridge should be built. First call the ITDA officials. Both the parties should discuss and give you a promise that they will build a bridge within this time. After that this action should be done. Locals are expressing their anger that this action taken by the local police without giving any assurance.. without coming of ITDA officials. Due to the work done by them, every day the girls have to go to school wet. What are the authorities on their actions? The locals protest that.


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