An Open Letter To Cristiano Ronaldo From A Fan

Krishanu Majumder:

Cristiano Ronaldo,

Ronaldo, you are now a 20-minute player! When you were sent off against Switzerland in the Qatar World Cup pre-quarterfinal, the clock was 74 minutes old. There was loud cheering, clapping, and screaming fans in the gallery. Portugal leads 5-1 by then. Match pocketed. Even at the time of those five goals, so many cheers were not heard from the gallery. The chatter in the gallery, the fans’ eagerness to see you on the green, was telling, even if you didn’t make the starting XI, and lost the trust of Fernando Santos, you are still the ‘king of hearts of the fans. Still their worshiped deity.

Half a dozen goals from the Swiss saw Portugal book their place in the quarter-finals. But you are not in the list of scorers! I was searching for your name. I could not believe my eyes. Portugal scored six goals and you didn’t even have a goal! Such a scene has not been seen in memory.

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Cristiano Ronaldo (Cristiano Ronaldo), the detractors have started saying, “You are very good. But this Portugal is better without you.” Believe it or not, the champion is hurt. Your fans, like me, have bleeding, bruised hearts. After last night many are saying, “Does Portugal really need you?” You can see the difference between the team’s game before and after! Without you, Joao Felix, Ramos is a dry river. A group of birds flying in the open sky with their wings spread. Portugal’s free-flowing football swept Switzerland. But after you came, that football disappeared.

Ronaldo, you are not just a star. you are a superstar The word “superstar” may have become a cliché due to repeated use. If there’s an adjective bigger than that, it’s you. If you are there, how everyone is sprinkled? In defense, the ball is floated by Ronaldo No. from the midfield. Portugal does not catch as a team. But it seems the time has come for Cristiano Ronaldo to reconsider. You are a talented footballer by profession. You can change the nature of the match at any time. Are you on the reserve bench? I can’t agree. It is very difficult. On the world stage, you will be sitting on the reserve bench with a sad face and your team will bloom on the field, it will look bad. You must have read the graffiti. The emperor is losing the throne. Sitting in front watching the emergence of a new star. Ramos became the hero instead of you. Santos assured.

Cristiano Ronaldo, after watching Ramos’ first goal, your bored look was seen by the whole world. The question began to arise, whether or not you could accept it. Is that true? Are you a narcissist? Portugal can score without Ronaldo, this fact was hard to swallow. But after Pep’s goal, you jumped on your friend’s shoulders. The previous generation never accepts the next generation. That’s the rule. Maybe you couldn’t believe it either. You are also a human being. At the end of the game, when the whole team is doing a victory lap on the field, you walk off in a huff. He congratulated Ramos before leaving the field. But Ronaldo, your congratulations remained elusive to the rest of the world. As you leave the field and walk down the tunnel, fans flock to watch you. Ronaldo, this life is worth it. The love of the fans rolled out the red carpet for you. No matter how much you sit on the reserve bench! After Ramos’ goal and Portugal’s big win without you, reporters in the mixed zone asked you, “Are you happy?” Without a moment’s thought, you said, “Yes, yes. Portugal won.” Explained that you are a real team man.

Ronaldo, you once quipped, “I don’t run behind records, records run behind me.” You are right. You have built each skyscraper on the football field. It is beyond the reach of the rest of the world. Ronaldo, did you know that after 6747 days you had to sit on the reserve bench? You are the ultimate in fitness. You write poetry with your feet, the national team cannot be thought of without you. You are the one who watched the match against Switzerland sitting on the reserve bench with the rest! He got off at 74 minutes. Extra time was given for four minutes. In that way, you were on the field for 20 minutes or a little more or less. But in the history of 18 years, such an event has not happened! Portugal did not start a major tournament with you on the bench. He was last placed on the bench in the 2004 Euro Cup against Russia. Even then, you weren’t as charismatic as Ronaldo is today. After that no one dared to sit you out in any major tournament. You are the lifeblood of the national team even when you have a fierce rivalry with Manchester United. The match against South Korea in the Qatar World Cup turned all the calculations upside down.

You know Cristiano Ronaldo, I really wanted you to do something on the field tomorrow. Score at least one goal. After that start that famous celebration. Let the naysayers and critics respond with that. When you got the free kick, the Spain match from four years ago was flashing in your eyes. Take your knuckle shot! Which gave Ramos’ human wall a thumbs up and got caught in the net. I thought you would do something similar against Switzerland. But your cannonball shot was deflected by the human wall of Switzerland. It was very sad to see your disappointed face. How did you smile? Only you can tell the meaning of that smile! But you have nothing to despair about. You didn’t even warm up when you went to take the free kick. Brazil’s Zico also went down and wasted the penalty. The result was fatal. Last night you wanted to do something more. You hit a ball with your left foot into the Swiss net. But that goal was disallowed because you were offside. You were looking at the trajectory of the ball. After putting the ball in the net, he made a strange facial expression. Everyone could read your mind.

“There are still some things to be decided,” your coach Fernando Santos said. My relationship with Ronaldo is very good, always has been. I have known him since he was 19 years old. There is no misunderstanding between Ronaldo and me. I still consider Ronaldo as one of the most important players in the team.” Is it a sign of ice melting?

Ronaldo, Piers Morgan asked you before this World Cup, “Imagine you and Messi face each other in the World Cup final. When you score two goals, Messi returns two. You scored at the last minute and gave Portugal the World Cup.” Ronaldo, you said, “I have never had such a good dream before. And if that’s the case, I’ll quit the game immediately. I will retire.”

Cristiano Ronaldo, sad to say, your arch-rival Leo Messi has already surpassed you. Scaloni will not dare to keep him on the reserve bench. He walks the field, destroying opponents as he walks. Many people say that Messi is walking out of a fair! No matter how much the cynics say, right? After watching Cristiano Ronaldo’s performance last night, many fans like me are getting emotional.

Why did you get into a confrontation with coach Fernando Santos after you were picked in the match against South Korea? Why? Why? Before that, you had a personality clash with Manchester United coach Erik ten Haag. Critics say Ronaldo should respect the coach. You have crossed the thorny road to reach this place today. You have to sweat a lot to build that palatial building of record. You know who to respect!

Ronaldo, you are no longer the sun in the sky. The sun is no longer shining. You are now in the twilight of your career. Very soft. As you surely know, the body loses all. No one will accept that you are exhausted. Still countless devotees dream of rising from the rubble and returning as a phoenix. Will you write the epic of the impossible?

the end
a fan of yours


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