Amyra Dastur Speak Up About Her Coronavirus Battle And Shared Experience

From the common man to politicians, sportspersons and TV-Bollywood celebs are also getting infected by the growing corona virus epidemic in the country. Many celebs including Akshay Kumar, Abhishek Bachchan, Alia Bhatt, Kriti Sanon and Sonu Sood have been infected by this. The infected celebs shared their experiences with the fans. Now actress Amaira Dastur has also shared her experiences of corona infection.

Amaira Dastur started working on one of her upcoming projects after the end of the lockdown last year, but during this time she became infected with Corona. In an interview to the Times of India, she said, “I was doing a trial with my stylist and there were only three doing it and she turned out to be Corona positive.”

The first three days could not even move

Amaira added, “Soon after that I had a mild fever and my report also came back positive. I quarantined myself at home. I was living alone. I was completely ill for the first three days. I couldn’t even move and it It was very scary. There was a lot of pain in my joints and body. After three days I started recovering a little bit. ”


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The emphasis on cleanliness and script in the

quarantine further said, “After 14 days of quarantine, my test negative came and I started shooting again.” Amaira also told that in the 14 days of the Quarantine, he insisted on cleaning and reading the script. His mother used to send food to him by the driver and he used to keep the food on the elevator of my building, which used to come to my floor.

Amaira’s father is director of a hospital

Please tell that Amaira’s father is a front line worker. His father is a former surgeon and is now the director of a hospital in Mumbai. Amaira had helped hundreds of people by joining him last year.


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