Shahrukh opens secret of DDLJ's 'Aao Aao' scene with Amrish Puri

There are many stars in the Bollywood industry who have played the role of a villain and even today, those films are remembered in many films. The actor who plays the villain in films is often hated by the audience because in the film he appears to tease the audience’s hero or heroine, but there are also some villains whose audience after seeing the negative roles, they show love to them. Were. In this story, we are talking about one such villain, whom the fans know by the name of ‘Mogambo’. Yes, we are talking about Amrish Puri. Who has played more villain than Hiro in his career.

Amrish Puri has worked in films for three decades. According to the media report, Amrish Puri worked in an insurance company for 20 years before appearing in films. He quit his two-decade job due to his Bollywood love and he moved to Mumbai to become a hero. When Amarish met the makers after coming to Mumbai, he said that his face does not look like a hero.

Amarish Puri was very disappointed to hear this from the producers and then after that the actor joined the theater. During this time he worked as an assistant to writer and director Satyadev Dubey. After this, he got a role in ‘Reshma Aur Shera’ in 1970, which was released in 1971. His character in the film was of Rahmat Khan. His acting was highly appreciated. After this, he never looked back.


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