Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby

Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 5th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

A female IPS officer has lodged a sexual harassment complaint against Special DGP Rajesh Das, sparking controversy. The Tamil Nadu government has set up a six-member panel headed by a senior IAS officer to look into the matter.

Rajesh Das is the Special DGP for Law and Order in the Tamil Nadu Police Department. He is known all over Tamil Nadu. He has held various posts such as Thoothukudi SP, Manimuttaru Special Police Commandant, Southern Region IG, Chennai South Joint Commissioner. He was recently appointed by the Government of Tamil Nadu as the Special DGP for Law and Order in Tamil Nadu.

It came to light today (February 24) that a female IPS officer attached to the Tamil Nadu Police had lodged a sexual complaint against him. According to reports, the First Minister had accompanied Special DGP Rajesh Das on a recent tour of the Delta district and had abused a female IPS officer who had come to greet him at the time. However, the government has not confirmed this.

Meanwhile, the Tamil Nadu government this afternoon officially announced that it has set up a committee to investigate Rajeshdas based on a sexual complaint lodged by a female IPS officer. Accordingly, the committee will be headed by Jayasree Raghunandan IAS, Additional Chief Secretary, Planning and Development. Additional DGP of the Police Headquarters Seema Agarwal IPS, Administration Division IG Arun IPS, Kanchipuram DIG Chamundeswari IPS, DGP Office Chief Executive Officer Ramesh Babu and Project Managing Director Loretta Jona of the International Justice Mission will be members.

The six-member panel will investigate allegations of sexual harassment against women in the workplace under the relevant sections of the law. It seems that the government will take action based on it.


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