Home minister Amit Shah has attacked AIADF leader Badruddin Ajmal, saying that he is doing ‘land jihad’ in the state. He said that Badruddin Ajmal Land Jihad is doing. I guarantee you that after 5 years, no person will be seen doing land jihad in Assam. Addressing a rally in Morigaon, Amit Shah called Badruddin Ajmal a modern black mountain. He said that will Rahul Gandhi and Badruddin Ajmal be able to keep Assam safe? Last week itself was the birth anniversary of the war of Saraighat. This war was fought under the leadership of the warrior of Assam, Lachit Badfukan. He worked for years to save the land of Assam from the Mughals.

Amit Shah told Badruddin Ajmal, modern black mountain

Questioning the identity of Assam, Amit Shah said that Rahul Gandhi comes here and says that Badruddin Ajmal is the identity of Assam, but in reality Shankar Dev, Mahadev and Lachit Badfukan are the identity of Assam. No matter how much the Congress tries, we will not allow Badruddin Ajmal to become the identity of Assam. This is the first time Amit Shah has accused Badruddin Ajmal of land jihad. It is clear that polarization issues can be seen in Assam elections in the coming days.

During a rally in Assam, Amit Shah compared Badruddin Ajmal to Kala Pahad and said that he is a modern Kala Pahar. Actually Kala Pahad was a general, who attacked large areas of Orissa and Assam. Kala Pahar is said to have been born into a Brahmin family, but later converted to Islam.

Kala Pahad had robbed Kamakhya temple in Assam

He was the commander of ‘Suleman Karrani’ of Bengal. He had attacked Jagannath Puri temple in Odisha and committed massive looting. She even stopped worshiping in the temple. After this, Kala Pahad attacked at Tezpur in Assam and then attacked the Kamakhya temple. Kala Pahad is known as an invader in Assam and a Hindu persecutor.


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