China, keeping an eye on the land of neighboring countries, keeps making new claims under its expansionist thinking. He also disputed the South China Sea, but now the US has given him a befitting reply. Two US aircraft carrier groups, including dozens of warships and at least 120 fighter aircraft, conducted joint exercises in the South China Sea on Tuesday. Frustrated with this move by the US, China criticized the exercise and termed it as ‘a show of strength’. The US Navy issued a statement saying that the ships and aircraft of Theodore Roosevelt and Nimitz Carrier Strike Groups showed the capability of the US Navy in challenging environments with high traffic terrain. As part of the dual carrier operation, strike groups conducted a number of exercises aimed at increasing command and control capabilities.

The last time the US Navy carried out a dual carrier operation was in the South China Sea in July 2020, when Ronald Reagan and Nimitz landed in the Carrier Strike Group C. Following the US move, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said that continued ‘showing strength’ in the South China Sea by US warships and aircraft is not conducive to regional peace and stability. Wang continued, “China will continue to take necessary steps for national sovereignty and security and will work vigorously for peace and stability in the South China Sea while working with countries in the region.”

It is notable that China has asserted its claim over almost the entire South China Sea, which is disputed by many maritime neighbors, including Vietnam, Taiwan and the Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia. Rear Jim Kirk, Commander of the Career Strike Group (CSG) 11, said that working closely with the Career Strike Group Nine (CSG Theodore Roosevelt) would improve our collective strategic skills while ensuring regional stability and security. In the Navy statement, Kirk said that we can use the sea lawfully under international rule.

Spokesman Wang also reacted to the announcement by French Defense Minister Florence Paly, in which he said the French nuclear attack submarine was one of two naval ships that had recently been patrolling in the South China Sea. Plorence shared two photographs, writing that while patrolling it has completed a route in the South China Sea. This shows the strength of our Navy. At the same time, responding to this, spokesman Wang said that there is no problem on the freedom of navigation in South China Sea. China has always respected the freedom of navigation and overflight achieved by all countries according to international law in the South China Sea. But we oppose the navigation of any country aimed at jeopardizing China’s sovereignty and security and reducing regional peace.


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