Ever since the expansion of 4G network in the world, it is being seen that YouTube is no longer just a means of entertainment, but people are also making money through it. Company CEO Susan Wojcicki, while giving a letter, said that the income of the channels involved in the company’s program has increased significantly during the last one year. According to an Oxford Economics report, people in the US earned Rs 1.17 lakh crore from YouTube in 2019, while in 2020, this revenue increased to 2.19 lakh crore. In India too, people are earning a lot of money through YouTube.

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Action on hate mongers

On behalf of the company, it has been said that they keep a close eye on the content of YouTube. And those who try to spread hatred and anarchy through YouTube, the company would immediately take action. Also, the company is not hesitant to take action on fraud, misinformation channels.

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YouTube’s guidelines change difficult

YouTube follows a fixed guideline. Under this, if you put someone’s content on your channel without giving credit, then that company can send you a strike. And if a strike strikes three times within 90 days, then YouTube closes the channel. It has been said from YouTube that changing this guideline line is a difficult task.


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