The US called for an immediate and complete reinstatement of the democratically elected government in Myanmar, saying that the US stands with elected representatives of this Asian country. “It is fair to say that we stand with the elected representatives of the people of Burma in their efforts to raise the voice of the people of the country,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Ned Price told reporters. We stand by his demand to restore the democratically elected government immediately and in full. ”

“We want the right to assemble peacefully in a place that includes peaceful demonstrations in favor of a democratically elected government, and the right to demand, including freedom of expression, the right to receive, both online and offline,” he said. In the same way, they support the right to give information. ”

Significantly, the Myanmar army overthrew the country’s elected government last week and took control of the country and took the leaders into custody.

The army alleges that the recent elections in the country were rigged and the State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi government has not conducted any investigation. The Election Commission of the country has dismissed the allegations. Price said that Myanmar was concerned by the recent announcement of a ban imposed by the military on the gathering of people.

He said, “We strongly support the right to assemble peacefully in Burma and around the world, including freedom of expression, gathering for the purpose of peaceful demonstrations.” Republican Party leader Mitch McNeal said Monday Supported the people of Burma.


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